This year, we like to focus on #VisionZeroHeroes, i.e. all those who conduct themselves in a positive and exemplary manner on the roads. Thanks go to everyone who stops when the lights aren’t green, everyone who checks over their shoulder, and therefore everyone who observes the rules of the road each and every day. After all, the millions of #VisionZeroHeroes make the roads that little bit safer, both for themselves and for others.

Here at VITRONIC we share the ROADPOL’s Vision Zero goal—zero traffic-related deaths and serious injuries. It is therefore only natural for us to get involved with the Road Safety Day activities and to say THANK YOU.

It might sound obvious that you should stick to the speed limit and stop at red lights, but these actions save lives.

We also want to say THANK YOU to all of our employees whose daily work plays a part in achieving the Vision Zero. They too are #VisionZeroHeroes thanks to their creativity, motivation, hard work, and dedication.
As a result, over 2,000 speed enforcement systems from VITRONIC now improve safety on German roads.

The Road Safety Day message from Daniel, CEO of VITRONIC, can be viewed here:

Our VITRONIC #VisionZeroHeroes

Every day, some 1,200 VITRONIC employees actively strive to make our roads—in Germany and worldwide—that little bit safer through the use of intelligent and innovative technology. In doing so, they always retain a clear focus on the Vision Zero. They too are all #VisionZeroHeroes. Discover what motivates and drives our colleagues during their work in the field of traffic technology as well as what they particularly enjoy about it:

Robin joined the company in 2017 and manages POLISCAN-related development projects. His work primarily focuses on the development of AI-based traffic monitoring systems.

What motivates you in your daily work at VITRONIC?

Working in a technologically new and exciting field in close cooperation with highly passionate developers is extremely motivational. I also learn new things every day and can successfully develop my skills and abilities.

What would you like to achieve at/with VITRONIC?

I want to offer market solutions that have an overall positive effect on society and that we can be proud of.

What are the key aspects of your work in the field of traffic technology at VITRONIC?

Working as a team to delve into new technologies and make them usable. Finding solutions to both minor and major challenges. And sometimes taking a more in-depth look at a particular subject than a project manager would traditionally do and getting hands-on with it.

Careless driving often leads to devastating accidents, especially in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens. Crossings are a constant danger on our children’s way to school. I believe it’s especially important for us to drive with particular care and attention in such areas. I want my work to help make roads and streets safer, especially for their youngest users.
Robin Development Project Manager

Rainer is a sales representative in the DACH region and is responsible for Hesse, Upper and Lower Franconia, and, as of recently, Switzerland. He has been working for VITRONIC for a total of 19 years and on the traffic technology sales team since 2009.

What motivates you in your daily work at VITRONIC?

The fact that what we do makes our roads safer and helps prevent injury to road users makes it extremely exciting and important! I’m also motivated by the fact I get to meet so many people during my work and enjoy many relationships that develop beyond purely business ones.

What would you like to achieve at/with VITRONIC?

It’s really satisfying when VITRONIC’s technologies and my involvement stop people’s lives from being put at risk in the first place and prevent personal injuries (with their associated consequences). The higher the number of hazardous situations that can be defused in advance, the better. Whether it will ever be possible to achieve the #VisionZero goal depends on many factors. I’d like to help make it so.

What are the key aspects of your work in the field of traffic technology sales at VITRONIC?

A broad, exciting, and technical field of work that not only includes pure sales activities but also a wide range of other tasks such as promoting new product ideas (e.g. Smart City or semi-stationary roadside housing) and establishing pilot projects. I also get involved with actions in cooperation with the broadest range of institutions, such as Hesse’s data protection authorities and regional councils, the Hessische Hochschule für Management und Sicherheit (Hesse University for Public Administration and Safety), and many others, in which I represent VITRONIC technologies and therefore contribute to road safety. The higher the number of potential hazards that can be identified and defused, the better.

The (albeit limited) ability to influence upcoming requirements and changes in the field of traffic also gives my work an extremely diverse remit.

The importance of speed enforcement is evident from statistics. With 2,000 VITRONIC systems throughout Germany, we are playing a major role in helping achieve the #VisionZero. You know what you’re committing to.
Rainer Sales Representative for the DACH region

Laura-Sophie is a project manager on the ‘TMSS Projects & Portfolio Management’ team (Traffic Management Strategy Services), where she is responsible for international customer projects for POLISCAN products. In August 2022, Laura-Sophie will have been with VITRONIC for ten years. After joining on a one-year internship in the commercial department, she progressed to being a working student before becoming an employee of the non-technical purchasing department and moving into project management in June 2020.

What motivates you in your daily work at VITRONIC?

I’m motivated by the friendly, relaxed working environment at VITRONIC. I get on brilliantly with everyone in my team, and the cooperation between different teams is amazing too. I find it great fun to work on projects with different colleagues from different areas, resolving problems and creating satisfied customers.

What would you like to achieve at VITRONIC?

I want to help VITRONIC grow further—and to be a part of that growth. The fact that the company continually taps into new markets is extremely exciting for us as project managers because it gives us the opportunity to get to know many new countries and cultures. I want to play my part in helping projects run smoothly in new countries in order to support the company’s success and establish German road safety standards on an international level.

What are the key aspects of your work in the field of traffic technology at VITRONIC?

Variety. As a project manager, every day is different. You never know what’s coming your way and that’s what I love about this job. You’ll certainly never get bored. You constantly face new topics and challenges, from which you can learn a great deal. This makes the job really attractive. You’re also able to collaborate with various departments within the company and get to know the business from multiple different angles.

I want my work to help establish our German road safety standards in other countries too, and thus to play a part in achieving the #VisionZero worldwide.
Laura-Sophie Project Manager

Matthias is group leader of the TSE Europe (Traffic Services Europe) division and has been with VITRONIC for 23 years. His career in the company began in production, when VITRONIC only had about 70 employees.

In his current position as group leader, Matthias is responsible for about 40 staff—in the three teams TSE Project, TSE Training, and TSE Software Implementation. He and his colleagues are responsible for the implementation of all POLISCAN projects throughout Europe—with the exception of those in places where subsidiaries are located. They ensure that the projects are successfully implemented in all phases—from the tender stage, through planning and commissioning to customer training.

What motivates you in your daily work at VITRONIC?

I’m motivated by the thought of furthering the POLISCAN division, optimizing processes, and creating satisfied customers that gladly turn to VITRONIC time and again as a reliable partner. The most exciting thing for me is that my team and I are involved in the development of new POLISCAN products—from support during the prototype phase to the final market launch. But the thing that motivates me the most is working with my colleagues day in, day out.

What would you like to achieve at/with VITRONIC?

 I naturally want our POLISCAN products to gain an ever stronger foothold in the market. Satisfied customers are the key to this. We should strive to optimally realize our projects, i.e. to supply traffic enforcement systems that identify 100 percent of vehicles that break the speed limit. This is essentially our contribution to road safety! From an internal perspective, I can think of desirable aspects like process optimizations, improving group dynamics and cohesion, and good communication.

What are the key aspects of your work in the field of traffic technology at VITRONIC?

Definitely the variety in the project work as well as—to a certain extent—the travel. Developing prototypes and helping bring them to market is also a highlight. It’s also exciting to work with many different people and customers. You quickly develop a certain insight into human nature, which can be extremely useful during everyday project work. I’d like to mention my colleagues’ great work again too. Our team is characterized by intergenerational cooperation—and that’s something I’m really proud of.

100% measurement accuracy from our systems—this is the aim we strive for in our projects. This enables us to play our part in improving road safety.
Matthias State-certified Engineer

Would you too like to actively drive the Vision Zero and help shape the way to achieving this goal?

Are you interested in the jobs in VITRONIC’s POLISCAN division that are presented here? Then take a look at our career portal! We look forward to meeting you!

Let’s work together to achieve the Vision Zero and behave in a considerate, exemplary manner on the roads. After all, every single person injured or even killed is one person too many! I wish all #VisionZeroHeroes the very best and hope you stay safe on the roads!
Daniel Scholz-Stein CEO of VITRONIC
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