The motto "We for #VisionZero"

With this year's motto, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) is focusing on the weaker road users. Consideration in road traffic avoids many potential dangers and thus contributes to the goal of Vision Zero: no fatalities and serious injuries in road traffic.

We, at VITRONIC, share the goal of Vision Zero with the DVR - so it is natural that we join the Road Safety Day campaign and focus on the most vulnerable road users: children.

Our art competition is designed to help children learn more about the important topic of road safety while having fun and enjoying themselves.

The idea behind using children's artwork on the speed camera pillar is to draw attention to the important issue of road safety and to send a positive signal to all road users, especially when it comes to children.

Art competition for Wiesbaden elementary school students

In order to introduce the topic of road safety to children in a playful and age-appropriate way, we are organizing a very special campaign: a painting competition aimed at children in the 3rd and 4th grades of Wiesbaden elementary schools. The children can draw a picture with the theme "What am I looking forward to most during the summer vacations?

Small artists with a big impact - the winning pictures immortalized in a very special place.

VITRONIC employees will choose the winning pictures from the works of art that are submitted. And the winning entries will be immortalized in a very special location – on one of VITRONC’s speed camera pillars in Wiesbaden. The competition aims to raise awareness of the topic of road safety among children by stimulating their creativity.

Our art competition is a fun way to get the younger generations thinking about the serious topic of road safety," explains Britta Weiser, Director Global Marketing at VITRONIC. "Children have a special ability to express their thoughts and ideas creatively. By displaying their pictures on our speed camera pillar, we hope to remind drivers that these young road users are the reason why they need to slow down."
Britta Weiser Director Global Marketing
One pillar is supposed to be especially important for the children: Captain Safety! It protects all road users in traffic and communicates valuable messages to the children on the subject of road safety.
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