Print Inspection

Highest Quality and efficiency in print inspection

The Solution for High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Production

Do you want to achieve the highest possible yield of top-quality solar cells using optimal processes? The print inspection solution from VITRONIC guarantees the production of high-quality cells—always with the goal of using materials and resources as efficiently as possible. 

Electro-Plating Inspection

Early error detection ensures maximum yield

Your goal is to produces solar cells with optimal printing to ensure optimal cell efficiency. 

The print inspection detects relevant geometric deviations, such as finger breaks, which lead to problems with efficiency and contact during subsequent processing. 

With the solution from VITRONIC, you achieve the resolution required for large cell formats and very thin finger widths. You can also use the trend analysis and heat map functions for early detection of changes in the printing process. Which means you can intervene in time and avoid defective cells being sent for further processing. 

Precise Inspection Minimizes Costs and Optimizes Yields 

Silver paste is a costly material. The basic principle is use as much as you need but as little as possible. With Yield Control from VITRONIC, you can reliably detect finger width deviations at an early stage. You avoid wasting resources.

And, no matter how fast your printing process is, our systems can always keep up.

With Predictive Maintenance from VITRONIC, it's easier to plan sieve cleaning and sieve replacement, for example. In this way, maintenance work is optimized and machine downtime is avoided.

VINSPEC SOLAR: Modular solution for quality inspection of solar cells
VINSPEC SOLAR for Print Inspection

Modular and Future-Proof

Cell formats are getting bigger, while fingers are becoming smaller. With edge lengths of 210 mm and finger widths of 20 μm, high resolution is essential. We can fully satisfy all process requirements with line or matrix cameras.

Our hardware concept is based on high-performance industrial PCs and powerful camera systems. The solution has a future-proof modular structure, which can be adapted to new requirements.

The user interface integrates new, easy-to-use editors for recipes and classifiers. A fast and simple teach-in for all types of solar cells completes the package.

In Brief

Print inspection with automated optical inspection from VITRONIC
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Print Inspection at an Economical Price

In Brief

  • Optimized metal-coating
  • Early error detection
  • Cost-efficient production 
  • High process speed 

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