Process Monitoring Laser Welding

Process monitoring in EV battery manufacturing.
Laser welding processes

Inexpensive and durable batteries due to stable welding processes


Maximum safety and efficiency in laser welding

Laser welding is by far the most important joining process in the manufacture of e-vehicle batteries. New challenges arise when welding thin foils and non-ferrous metals - such as copper and aluminum.

On the one hand, all weld seams must be absolutely defect-free. For another, it must be ensured that all processes operate reliably and stably. Otherwise, the performance and durability of the battery suffer and manufacturing costs increase. 

Process monitoring during welding of laser seams with VIRO WSM.

Improve your process and quality control

VIRO WSM allows you to monitor your laser welding processes fully automatically. The inspection system detects and signals faulty seams in real time. By analyzing the documented data, you can continuously optimize your processes. In this way, VIRO WSM supports you in manufacturing batteries in top quality and in setting up efficient, highly automated production.

Real-time detection of defective laser welds
Process monitoring

Real-time detection of defective laser welds

VIRO WSM seamlessly monitors every weld: It detects deviations in the welding parameters, in the weld seam, as well as bonding defects in real time. NOK seams are detected immediately, not only during the end-of-line inspection.

This allows you to react immediately, readjust your processes and eliminate sources of error. You can eject defective parts directly and also rework them automatically.

VIRO WSM provides trend visualizations in laser welding process monitoring.
Data analysis

Data-driven optimization of processes

The measured data is continuously documented and stored. This allows you to trace back quality defects at any time and trace the causes.

VIRO WSM also offers trend visualizations, statistics and more in-depth evaluations. These help you discover potential for improvement and continuously optimize your processes.

Efficiency increase

Competitive, highly automated production

Laser welding is extremely fast and perfectly suited for the production of e-vehicle batteries. But efficient mass production requires stable processes that are automated as much as possible. Downtimes and manual interventions drive up costs.

With VIRO WSM, you avoid scrap and manual rework and reduce interruptions to a minimum. Your benefit: Batteries with top performance and quality at low cost. You produce very efficiently and can compete for the growing battery market.

The VIRO WSM sensor can be easily installed and retrofitted in the welding station.

Integrate quickly and save space

The VIRO WSM sensor can be installed directly in the welding station at various locations. It neither requires a dedicated station nor a dedicated robot. The inspection system can therefore also be easily retrofitted to existing lines, regardless of the welding solution used.

Commissioning works smoothly: configuring the test tolerances takes only half a day, and VIRO WSM is fully operational after only one week.


Process monitoring laser welding
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Process monitoring for automated laser welding in battery production


  • Detect defective laser welds in real time
  • Establish reliable, stable processes in automated production
  • Discover causes of errors and potential for improvement
  • Increase the performance and durability of your batteries without increasing the cost
  • VIRO WSM can be integrated into any production line within one week

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