Process Automation in Battery Production

In battery production, VITRONIC inline inspection systems ensure that batteries meet high-quality standards.
Automated Battery Production

Technology that Improves the Quality of Your Battery Production

Automated assembly inspection for battery modules and battery packs

The electromobility market continues to expand, as does the demand for powerful lithium-ion batteries (LIB). As a planner and production manager of assembly lines or a producer of battery modules and packs, you are under intense competitive pressure.

Automation and digitalization are key here. Our inspection systems for battery production offer both, and help you gain the competitive edge in one of today's largest markets of the future.

VITRONIC: Automated inline inspection inspects all components and the assembly of modules and packs.
Process Control in Battery Production

All Components up to Assembly

New production technology and ever-increasing technical requirements rely on process-integrated solutions for quality control and process optimization. VINSPEC, the automated inspection system, is integrated inline to inspect the quality of components, ensuring error-free assembly of modules and packs, even at high cycle rates.

Quality Control

Why Check Quality?

Quality means both process stability and product performance.

Along with ensuring customer satisfaction and safeguarding your company from expensive recalls, quality also has a direct impact on cost. Through reduced waste and less rework, improved quality leads to greater productivity and more OK parts. And this leads to reduced costs.

Summary: If you want to gain ground in the market, your quality standards must set you apart from the competition from the very start.

Inline inspection

Zero Defect Strategy in Assembly

Deviations that are found as late in the process as the electrical final inspection or in the vehicle can often be rectified only at a great expense. A company's image is at risk. Occasionally, the cost of rectifying a defect is prohibitively high because the cause must first be identified and then manually corrected.

Our inspection technology monitors all production stages at production speed, so you can react quickly. This stabilizes your production.

  • 0 defect strategy
  • 100% process stability
Data Analysis

Inspect Inline – Evaluate Online

VITRONIC VINSPEC inspection system for battery production provides all data needed for process optimization.

The VINSPEC inspection system documents and saves all inspection results. A heat map shows defect accumulations; even information from other sources is taken into account. From this cumulative data, you can implement direct and lasting process optimizations. This enables you to reduce costs at every stage of the value chain and increase availability of your system.

Continuous VITRONIC quality assurance means greater customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Market of the Future

Battery technology for electric cars is a future market. And each process optimization also brings you one step closer to sustainability. Reduce waste, save energy, and prevent costly production defects. Continuous quality assurance helps you achieve greater customer satisfaction and benefit from lasting customer relationships.

VITRONIC inspection systems: the global solution for OEMs and tier 1 suppliers since 1995.

We've Been Finding Solutions Since 1995

Our systems have been successfully used by leading OEMs and tier 1 suppliers across the globe since 1995. In battery production, increasing numbers of battery cell and module manufacturers rely on our solutions.

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VINSPEC: Assembly Inspection for Battery Packs and Battery Modules

In Brief

  • Zero-defect production inline
  • Greater efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Defect-free, higher output
  • Data for process optimization

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