Surface Inspection for Battery Production

Electro-mobility: Quality control brings more power and production inspection for your batteries.

More Power for Battery Cells

More Power for Your Batteries with Full Control Over Production

In the electromobility area, the focus is on developing higher-performing batteries. A vehicle’s range depends on the capacity of its battery. Automated quality inspection helps you meet all challenges you face in battery production and optimizes your profits. In short, it boosts your battery production.

Battery manufacturers Electric cars integrate automatic quality inspection in battery production.

Quality to Impress the Market

Battery technology for electric cars is still an area of huge development. Many demands are being made of battery cell and module manufacturers due to advances in technology, increasing competitive pressure and an evolving market environment.

As a battery manufacturer, you can rise to these challenges by integrated automated quality inspection into your battery production processes.

After all, if you want to assert yourself in the market, your quality standards must set yourself apart from competitors right from the start.

Quality Assurance

Consistent Inspection

Automated battery production demands automated inspection. That’s because conventional visual inspections are inadequate in this area. Too often, the results are not objective or comparable due to human unpredictability or external influences.

Our automated inspection systems detect every single surface detect. The end result? Flawless batteries with maximum power.

  • 100% objective
  • 24/7 available
Zero Defects

Higher Quality and Output

The benefits are clear. Deviations are detected immediately—at production speed. Defects are prevented from slipping through to further processing.

Which results in reliable quality for every single battery, higher output and greater cost-effectiveness for the entire production process.

  • 0% slippage
Automated Inline Inspection

All Surfaces, All Defects

Infographic: VINSPEC from VITRONIC monitors all processes and inspects cell components and battery modules.

Even the smallest deviations impact quality and, in turn, the profitability, safety, and sustainability of your battery production. Our systems monitor all process steps—and do so inline without requiring you to stop production.

Data analysis

Optimize Processes

Infographic: Many processes can be optimised with the test data from the surface inspection.

Each manufacturing step in battery production has its challenges—and the potential for optimization. Our inspection system documents and saves all inspection results. Based on this data, direct and lasting process optimizations can be implemented.

The goal is to reduce costs at each stage of the value-added chain and produce batteries of an increasingly high quality.

Vision: Every process optimisation in your production also brings you closer to sustainability.
Process Optimization

Ensure Sustainability

Every process optimization you implement in production also brings you a step closer to sustainability. That’s because you avoid costly errors, reduce waste, and save raw materials that are in short supply.

In this way, you also ensure sustainable customer relationships from the outset.

In Brief

VINSPEC from VITRONIC: Efficient surface inspection in high output battery production
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VINSPEC—Efficient Surface Inspection in Battery Production

In Brief

  • Long-life, high-performance batteries
  • Higher process output
  • Zero-defect production inline
  • Process optimization data
  • Sustainability

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브로셔 Quality Assurance and Process Optimization for Your Battery Production

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Quality and Stability in Battery Production
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