Welding process optimization with Weldloop

Automated welding in the automotive industry, ©Fronius
New software Weldloop

Linked Data - More Efficient Processes

You know VIRO WSI: the automated inspection system inspects weld seams inline on powertrains, car bodies, and in the battery production process. VIRO WSI identifies even the smallest deviations and provides inspection data for documentation and process optimization.  

It’s time now to take digitization to the next level: our new software solution Weldloop integrates external process data. We are now looking for fellow campaigners for pilot projects. 

The next level of digitization

Our Vision 

Optimization of the welding process with Weldloop

Automated process control in the welding line

A closed loop that integrates data from various steps in the process offers greater productivity in the welding process and greater reliability in automatic quality inspection. In the future, defined processes will be carried out without human intervention, making predictive intervention possible. Our new software takes the next step toward this future.

Sustainable effects

This is How You Optimize Your Welding Line with Linked Data

In the past, process data and inspection data were viewed as separate entities in the welding line. Weldloop links this data to optimize your welding line. Because correlated data results in process improvements that are simpler and faster. Deviations or drag lines in the welding process are detected immediately, ensuring the stability and increasing the availability of your system. More insightful inspection results give you added value.

VIRO WSI inspection data is linked to welding process data

Visionaries Wanted

Are you already using automated weld seam inspection? Do you want to take the next step with us? We offer you a chance to work side-by-side with us from the very beginning as we test Weldloop together in real world applications. Learn about what is already possible and what your pilot project could look like.

In Brief

Inspect weld seams with VIRO WSI
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Pilot project: Weldloop

In Brief

  • Faster identification of cause and effect of weld seam defects
  • Increased first-pass yield thanks to better quality
  • In perspective automated process control
  • Fewer rejected parts
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Time savings thanks to automated reports

For Taking Away and Passing On

Brochure VITRONIC Weldloop

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