3D Scanner for 3D Figurines

Three dimensional selfies from the 3D printer.

The Perfect Moment in 3D 

We all have special moments that we’d like to preserve forever. Everyone wants a way to keep precious memories alive. In the past, there were photos. Now, there are 3D figurines. 3D selfies can be created, as can miniature groups of people or even favorite pets. The scans are created quickly and easily, making the first step in the process a pleasant experience that your customers will never forget.

With the 3D scanner for figures, the process becomes an experience.

A Process Becomes an Experience

Your customers will be even happier with their 3D figurines if they have good memories of the creation process. From entering the store, to having the scan, and 3D printing of the figurine, you want their experience to be a positive one. And it will be, if the scanning process is short and smooth and if the focus is on providing them with the best service. Your staff will also be friendlier and more relaxed if the process is simple and automated.

3D scanners for 3D printing work quickly and smoothly.

A Fast Scan for a Perfect Likeness

If everything runs smoothly in your shop, even at peak times, then you’re happy and so are your customers. With our fully automated 3D scanner, your flesh-and-blood customer will have a digital twin at the touch of a button and within a matter of seconds. Best of all—customers can preview the result after just one minute. If they’re not happy, you can simply repeat the scan. Which means there’s no need for a repeat appointment.

  • 9s scan time
  • 1min until the preview

A Process Becomes an Experience

A perfect process that benefits you!

Your customers will be more than amazed to discover the speed of digital processing. Triangulation makes this possible by capturing data directly. And you can put the time that you save to good use advising your customers. After just a few clicks, the scan is computed into a watertight mesh.

No need for time-consuming post-processing because the scanner captures all visible surfaces. Which also saves you time and money.

  • < 1mm precision
  • 100% capturing of black and homogeneous surfaces

Speed saves time and money


A high quality result as a perfect memory

The best experiences are shared. Your staff will be delighted with how easy and intuitive the VITUS BODYSCAN is to use.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, no time-consuming training or technical knowledge are required. Due to the excellent quality of the scans, very little post-processing of data is necessary. You store all the data and can offer additional services at any time. The result? A perfect likeness from the 3D printer as a reminder of a perfect moment.

In Brief

Scanning people quickly and easily for 3D printing.
Markus Maurer

Markus Maurer

Sales Manager
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VITUS BODYSCAN: A Perfect Likeness From the 3D Printer

In Brief

  • A fast, smooth process
  • Easy to use
  • Satisfied end customers
  • Best scan solution on the market
  • 20 years’ experience in body scanning

For Taking Away and Passing On

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