10 Applications in Traffic Technology


Mobile and Autonomous Speed Enforcement in France powered by VITRONIC & CEGELEC EDR

Traffic Enforcement in Estonia

VITRONIC and the Estonian Road Administration deploy POLISCAN remote speed enforcement to decrease road accidents and fatalities

Mobile Toll Enforcement in Poland

VITRONIC supports the Polish National Revenue Administration with mobile toll enforcement technology to secure revenues and investment scope
A new century on the continent with VITRONIC
The success story of traffic technology at VITRONIC
Blog Article

Mobility on the Move

How video-based systems help shape the traffic of the future


Boris Wagner

Boris Wagner

Director Sales Traffic Technology Division
+49 611 7152 7004


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Whether in automation or traffic engineering: With our systems our customers see more. The combination of hardware, data and intelligent evaluation makes applications and analyses possible that were unthinkable until recently. A previously hidden world becomes visible and usable.