Monitoring Bans on Through Traffic

Implement Through-Traffic Bans Flexibly and Efficiently

Flexibly enforcement of traffic bans for a relaxed traffic situation in your city

Public space is becoming a valuable resource. It must be shared equally and charged to avoid gridlock and protect air quality. Bans on through traffic can have a positive effect on traffic volumes. You can enforce these bans efficiently and flexibly with POLISCAN. The solution plays to its strengths in combination with other applications, such as speed enforcement, and fully complies with data protection regulations.

Automated Vehicle Access Restriction with VITRONIC

Reduce Costs of Through-Traffic Bans

It can be costly to deploy personnel to enforce bans on through traffic. Automated monitoring with POLISCAN is more efficient and cost-effective than any manual solution. It can also be flexibly integrated into your processes and adapted to your specific needs. In addition, a range of housing platforms are available. You also choose whether you want to use automatic license plate readers (ALPR), video, or scanning LIDAR technology.

Many Applications to Enforce Vehicle Access Regulations

A Wide Range of Applications

You can use scanning LIDAR, video, or automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) to detect violations of lane-specific or vehicle class-specific bans on through traffic.

Application-Specific Bans on Through Traffic:

• Environmental zones based on emissions classes
• Diesel bans
• Enforcement of special rights
• Regulations for supply and CEP traffic
• Through-traffic bans
• Monitoring of public transport lanes

Combinations for Added Value

With POLISCAN, you can combine enforcement of bans on through traffic with speed and red-light enforcement.

Combining enforcement of through-traffic bans with other applications creates added value. Bans on through traffic that are specific to vehicle classes, lanes, or times of day can be implemented alongside speed and red-light enforcement. Solutions are also available for special through-traffic bans—e.g. lanes designated as one-way streets. It may also be useful to combine these solutions with city tolls and monitoring of environmental zones. 

From through-traffic bans to smart traffic management

With POLISCAN, you’re equipped for whatever the future brings. As well as being ideal for enforcing bans on through traffic, these solutions form the back-bone of concepts for city tolling and monitoring of environmental zones. These provide you with traffic flow data in real-time. Which, in turn, contributes to smart mobility concepts and traffic management systems. City centers are no longer congested and the air is clean!

On the Safe Side of the Law

Legal compliance and data protection are key aspects of enforcing bans on through traffic. VITRONIC systems create tamper-proof digital incident data that is legally incontestable. You are also safeguarded by the fact that all measurements are recorded by metrologically approved systems. Data protection and data security are guaranteed by the latest encryption tools and selective transmission.

In Brief

Efficient Automated Monitoring of Through-Traffic Bans with VITRONIC
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Boris Wagner

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POLISCAN offers efficient and flexible access control

In Brief

  • Efficient usage
  • Flexible deployment scenarios
  • Many combinations are possible
  • Strong data protection

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