Up to 84 young residents live there and receive not only medical care, but are also cared for in a warm family environment by loving caregivers. “At the beginning of 2020, we were able to experience in person the wonderful and committed staff, who are fully dedicated to the well-being of those in their care,” says Matthias Pörner, CFO of VITRONIC. The personal invitation from Zwerg Nase’s director Sabine Schenk to visit the home brought about feelings of compassion and solidarity.

Safety and Community go Hand in Hand

“A family community is just as important to us as day-to-day safety—for our projects and in our daily interactions,” says Matthias Pörner. VITRONIC’s mission is to make the lives of people everywhere simpler and safer through the use of modern and sophisticated technology in the most varied industries—from Logistics and Healthcare to Traffic Technology. For over 35 years.

“We know the best solutions are achieved by working in partnership.”
Matthias Pörner CFO VITRONIC

Community is therefore not only extremely important within the family-run company, but also in partnerships that go beyond the context of business.

“These values that we live by go beyond daily business in the workplace. We want to help the Zwerg Nase center purchase the equipment that is most important for the young residents,” explains Matthias Pörner, clearly moved.

For this reason, the technology company is donating emergency carts needed to ensure everyday safety. They are equipped with a wide variety of medications and can save lives in precarious situations. Furthermore, the center will receive two new cozy corners for special moments of fellowship. These corners are places for residents of Zwerg Nase and their caregivers to read books, laugh, and play together. In the cozy corners, the children can let go and enjoy a sense of community.

The cozy corner as a place of community.

To save lives: The emergency cart with emergency supplies.

The Center for Children is a Blessing for these Young Heroes

Since 2005, three closely linked divisions at Zwerg Nase have been providing support services for seriously ill children, and thus contributing to the improvement of the social structure in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area. In the “Zwergenkinder” division, eleven short-term care spots are available for children with impairments, in particular, epilepsy. They provide a break from the difficult daily routine and a relief from round-the-clock care at home. The “Robin" division provides a home for twelve permanently ventilated children. These everyday heroes are both younger and older patients in neurophase F. Despite intensive treatment and rehabilitation, they have a continuing and high need for care and have found a permanent home at Zwerg Nase.

Caregivers of the house with the children.

 Due to a high demand for care, we felt obligated to broaden our services. After many discussions and numerous sleepless nights, we decided to expand our facilities.
Sabine Schenk Managing Director Zwerg Nase

Expansion of the facilities began in 2019. The location for the large addition was specifically selected near a pediatric clinic. At the end of 2020, the Zwerg Nase center opened its doors. Now up to 84 children and, for the first time, young adults 18 and older who previously had to move into a nursing home after legally becoming adults, can get the support they need.

The new "Zwerg Nase" Center.

VITRONIC’s first visit to Zwerg Nase will not be the last; Matthias Pörner recently visited the newly built center with a few VITRONIC employees.

We are very moved by the warmth of the Zwerg Nase employees, the determination of Managing Director Sabine Schenk, and especially by the residents; always with a smile on their faces, despite the impairments they face at such a young age
Britta Weiser Director Global Marketing VITRONIC

The team was particularly moved by the story of one small “Robin”. While his twin is healthy, his fate is still uncertain; the baby must be permanently ventilated. In situations like these, the center is a blessing. A motivated team consisting of pediatric nurses with intensive care training, educators, occupational and physiotherapists, among others, works to make life as easy and pleasant as possible for the young residents.

Sabine Schenk with the little "robin".

What we do today will impact what the World looks like tomorrow

A larger facility and more residents also mean a greater need for equipment. Even after the successful expansion of the Zwerg Nase center, each donation is still important. The donations ensure that the young patients receive safe care in the community of this home for children.

Matthias Pörner and Sabine Schenk at the official handover of the donation on January 17th.

We would like to continue to support Zwerg Nase and hope that many other companies will join us in filling in the gaps on the wall!
Matthias Pörner CFO VITRONIC
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