Automated Number Plate Recognition

Automated license plate readers for police forces.

A System for Automated, Precise Detection of License Plates

POLISCAN Surveillance enables police and safety authorities to identify vehicles quickly and reliably without intervening directly in the traffic flow. The systems are used to combat crime and offer impressively high read rates, flexible application options, and sophisticated data protection concepts.

High Read Rates for Top Results

With automated license plate readers (ALPRs), high read rates are crucial to ensuring efficiency.

With POLISCAN Surveillance, you can capture and process number plates with minimal personnel costs. VITRONIC's systems also read international number plates with the highest degree of accuracy at the highest speeds.
In addition, they can easily identify both approaching and receding traffic and can read number plates in all weather conditions. As a result, they can target and identify wanted cars immediately.

  • Up to 250km/h

Fast Capture, Reliable Evaluation

Precise license plate identification is essential when searching for wanted vehicles. But success demands fast data evaluation.

POLISCAN Surveillance gives you software for number plate matching and database management. You can use this to compare plates against denylist to support searches and for border control.

The optional research and archiving software helps you to manage data records in compliance with data protection regulations and limits for deletion.

Automated license plate detection for every purpose

Automated Number Plate Recognition for Every Application Area

Different objectives require tailored approaches. VITRONIC has an ideal solution for every area of application.

Whether you require a mobile or fixed system, POLISCAN Surveillance is always the answer.

VITRONIC can offer you stationary solutions for locations that require continuous surveillance.

Meanwhile, tripod-mounted or vehicle-based mobile solutions are ideal for tightly networked and situation-specific monitoring.

Enforcement Bar—automated number plate detection
Enforcement Bar

Automated License Plate Identification in Patrol Cars

  • ≤ 250km/h differential speed

The Enforcement Bar is a fully automated license plate recognition system that is integrated into the latest-generated siren system on patrol cars. It captures both moving and stationary vehicles as they pass and reads their license plates. The number plates can be captured and read when vehicles are stopped or moving at full speed, depending on the application.

Reliable Data Protection

Data protection requirements are increasing all the time. And there is no margin for error.

VITRONIC has over 20 years of experience in electronic license plate data and offers a comprehensive data protection concept.

We give you access to sophisticated encryption technology and allow you to selectively transmit number plates only, so you don’t need to worry about data protection compliance.

In Brief

Stationary speed control with a column
Boris Wagner

Boris Wagner

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Powerful Automated License Plate Recognition with POLISCAN Surveillance

In Brief

  • Fast reading
  • Reliable license plate matching
  • Flexible monitoring
  • Strong data protection

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