In response, VITRONIC, together with its employees, is donating necessary supplies to refugees and people on the ground. Especially the VITRONIC Poland subsidiaries are committed to this cause.

The effects of the crisis are being felt especially by people in Central Eastern Europe. The team of the Polish subsidiary and the Polish CEO Michał Zuchora are also very close to the situation and determined to help immediately. Very early on, a relief operation was created to bring five women and children to Poland and bring them to safety.

Upon arrival, Michał and his colleague Adam Jankowski, Communications and Marketing Specialist, personally picked them up, provided shelter and basic supplies. It was also possible to resume schooling for the children.

For us, Poles, it is written in our DNA to help our neighbors. We cannot be indifferent to human suffering. So, as soon as I received the information [...] that help was needed, I did not hesitate - but started to act. Thank you to all who help us, because it is worth helping.
Michał Żuchora CEO VITRONIC Poland

In addition to the needs in Ukraine itself, more and more refugees and their supporters in the surrounding countries as well as in Germany need donations and support. For this reason, the company VITRONIC launched a cross-site campaign to collect donations in kind from employees and companies.

Donations such as food, bedding, flashlights, hygiene supplies, first aid equipment and other items were collected over a period of three weeks. A total of 3 larger cars were filled. Together with various aid organizations, these were distributed to the refugees.

Matthias Pörner (CFO VITRONIC) at the handover of donations for Ukraine to the Tafel Wiesbaden.

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