Order Picking and Outgoing Goods Inspection

Employees in an automated warehouse: data collection, documentation and fast processes.
Warehouse & Distribution

This is how you save costs and avoid errors - at top speed!

  • 38,000objects/h with VIPAC IN-MOTION

A functioning outgoing goods area means satisfied customers.

Labor-intensive, manual processes in order picking? Higher volumes in outgoing goods? The answer: Automate your outgoing goods. After all, picking and outgoing goods are the last stations before the goods leave the warehouse for your customers. What happens here has a major impact on your business success.


Our Solutions for Your Outgoing Goods

Auto-ID systems from VITRONIC automate outgoing goods, accelerate order picking.

The processes that the outgoing goods department has to perform are complex, labour-intensive and error-prone. Solutions are provided by automated systems and - the intelligent use of data. See for yourself...

Video shows automatic shipment detection with an Auto-ID system from VITRONIC.
Automating outgoing goods

This Is How Auto-ID Systems Work

Auto-ID systems automatically record all codes and measure all cartons that pass through the goods issue area.

The automation accelerates your processes considerably.

Increasing consignment volumes can be handled easily, errors reduced and costs saved.

  • 720objects/h manual
  • 38,000objects/h automated with VIPAC IN-MOTION
Automated data capture of consignments: A parcel with an address label on a conveyor belt.
Automating outgoing goods

Capture Data in Motion

One package after the other passes through the outgoing goods department. Now all package and delivery information must be recorded as quickly as possible. Auto-ID solutions automatically capture all codes and plain text at high conveyor speeds.

In addition, the systems generate high-resolution grey-scale images of each carton. With real images in the archive you can clearly clarify irregularities.

Track & Trace: When exactly did which delivery leave the warehouse? Precise data is your reliable proof to service providers and customers.

The automated outgoing goods department: Packages in fast throughput in a complete Auto-ID solution.
Control the flow of goods

Optimise Loading And Save Costs

Our Auto-ID systems determine the dimensions of all incoming goods as they pass through: length, width, height and weight.

The better you, as an e-commerce and trading company, know the precise volume and weight data of outgoing goods, the better you can optimize loading and route planning, register the goods with the carrier and find the most cost-effective shipping service provider. With the data you keep full control over correct shipping costs.

What's more: Auto-ID systems automatically check the occupancy status for automated warehouse systems.

And finally: With the push of a button you start the automatic invoice generation.

Three times faster than the scanner: Process optimisation in outgoing goods with VITRONIC Auto-ID systems
Accelerate picking

Goodbye handheld scanner!

Your commissioners know: Capturing with conventional handheld scanners is slow and inconvenient.

Auto-ID systems above the manual workstation are much more efficient. They capture all codes at once - automatically and in a single operation.

Only if data capture is error-free in the first step subsequent processes run smoothly and costs can be saved.

  • 3x faster than acquisition by scanner
Optimize goods management

Data for Your Goods Management System

Merchandise management system: Auto-ID systems from VITRONIC provide the data for automated processes.

All obtained data flows via an interface into existing goods management and warehouse management systems and can be used there for further automated processes. See here how diverse the data can be used.

VIPAC system family

More Efficient, Dynamic and Automated

VIPAC systems and VIPAC complete solutions from VITRONIC optimise outbound logistics processes.

Auto-ID systems set the benchmark for high-performance logistics processes.

VIPAC systems can be integrated into existing plants - for every level of automation. VIPAC complete solutions combine volume measurement (dimensioning), weighing (weighing) and reading of labels (scanning) in a single system.

In Brief

Automation of intralogistics: View into a warehouse with an Auto-ID system from VITRONIC.
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Commissioning and outgoing goods: Faster through Auto-ID systems

In Brief

  • Automate outgoing goods
  • Accelerate commissioning at manual workstations
  • Save costs in storage and loading planning
  • Data for subsequent processes


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