Use this form if you witness a potential violation of our compliance guidelines, would like to report an incident, or have any questions.

Important Information and Background

VITRONIC fosters a culture in which sensitive subjects can be openly discussed, and encourages its employees to report potential violations of the compliance provisions. Reliable information helps us counter violations at an early stage and prevent harm to our company, employees and business partners.

Compliance violations should be reported to your superior or the compliance office. Furthermore, via the confidential informant system available both to employees and third parties, we offer the opportunity to anonymously report potential violations if there is concrete evidence within the corporate group.

Compliance violation reports are always treated as confidential. We do not tolerate any disadvantage or discrimination towards individuals who report a compliance incident in good faith; however, as part of the resolution, we do also make allowance for the legitimate interests of the individual or individuals concerned by a report. Please note that suspicions and accusations against an individual may result in severe consequences for this individual and that the informant system should therefore be used responsibly.

Please report any incidents relating to data protection violations directly to our data protection officer at

Where can I submit information?

Information about a compliance violation can either be sent electronically or mailed to our compliance officer at:


Compliance Department

Hasengartenstraße 14

65189 Wiesbaden, Germany


Alternatively, you can submit your report using our confidential informant system on this page.

How can I submit information?

Please ensure that your report can also be understood by nonspecialist third parties and clearly expresses the issue forming the subject of this report. Please bear in mind that the compliance officer relies on comprehensively described facts in order to be able to investigate an incident appropriately. In certain cases, the compliance officer may need additional information in order to investigate an issue. It is therefore helpful if your information report includes a means of contact for any open questions.

It will help with processing if the report answers the following questions clearly: Who? What? When? How? Where?

If you would like to submit your information anonymously, please refrain from using any descriptions that would allow your identity to be inferred. The main focus when writing your report should be on describing the event itself. You should choose all location as well as time and date indications such that conclusions cannot be drawn about your identity. Nevertheless, questions may still arise. We therefore request that, even for anonymous reports, a means of contact is provided (for example, a specially created address using a pseudonym). We also request that you continuously and regularly check this anonymously created email account in order to maintain contact. For all reports submitted via the informant system, we ensure the highest degree of protection of data and personality rights.

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