Surface Inspection for Powertrains

Automation enables the economic production of alternative drive technologies.
Automated Surface Inspection for Powertrains

New Technology — A New Challenge for Manufacturing

The energy transition in traffic technology is within reach and there is a growing demand for alternative, energy-saving, low-emission drive technologies. This also demands a radical rethink on the part of the automotive industry. Short development cycles, innovative manufacturing and assembly processes and new production lines mean constant challenges.

But how can complex drive components be manufactured economically? By using efficient manufacturing processes and powerful quality inspection. Read on to find out how you can rely on our systems and our expertise, even for the most challenging inspection tasks.

Quality Assurance

For All Drive Technologies

The infographic shows the process optimizations enabled by data analysis in VINSPEC systems.

Regardless of which drive technology you manufacture, production efficiency is only possible if the smallest errors can be reliably detected during the manufacturing process.
VINSPEC inspection systems offer seamless quality assurance for the entire powertrain. They inspect powertrain components for defects such as cavities, pores and excess material, or processing errors such as scratches and dents—with micrometer precision.
It doesn't matter which drive technology, component or deviation you want to inspect—our engineers will find the right solution for your inspection task. 

Automated surface inspection—VINSPEC inspection systems inspect inline powertrain components.
Surface Inspection

Which components does VINSPEC inspect?

Whether a modular solution or a turnkey solution with a complete inspection cell is right for your production line, the inspection is always inline. As a result, flaws on the visible, sealing and functional surfaces are reliably identified during production—preventing further processing of defective parts.

As a result, only flawless, powerful drive components will leave your production lines. This lets you cut costs and ensure high quality.

  • 24.7 max. availability
  • 100% process-oriented

Automation Sees Everything — Always!

Automatic inspection is superior to manual inspection — every component is inspected every second. That guarantees the quality of your products.

The system also provides a solid pool of data for process optimization. Statically presented classifications enable effective error analysis. Heat maps visualize this data and facilitate the interpretation of large data volumes.

Data Analysis

Optimize Processes

The infographic shows the process optimizations enabled by data analysis in VINSPEC systems.

Every manufacturing step has its challenges — and the potential for optimization. The VINSPEC inspection system documents and saves all inspection results and even takes account of information from other sources. From this cumulative data, you can implement direct and lasting process optimizations. And, if reworking is an option, the system can support you with that too.
This will enable you to achieve your goal of reducing costs at each stage of the value chain and producing increasingly high-quality powertrain components. 

VITRONIC is a partner for the automotive industry in the area of optical surface inspection.

We are Partners for the Automotive Industry

Since 1995, OEMs and automotive parts suppliers have been successfully using our powerful, scalable inspection systems in production — for example, for quality assurance of surfaces, geometry and weld seams on car bodies, powertrains and in battery and fuel-cell manufacturing.

Our customers benefit from our expertise, our project experience—and our tireless dedication! We always achieve the best solutions by collaborating with our customers as partners.

100% quality inspections help improve sustainability
The Efficient Drive

Technology Shift

More complex drive technology also means more complex quality requirements. But these requirements must be met if goals such as great range, longer component life, energy-saving and reduced emissions are to be achieved. For enhanced climate protection for us and for the generations to come.

In Brief

Optical surface inspection of powertrain components
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Surface Inspection with VINSPEC

In Brief

  • Seamless quality control
  • 24/7 reliable inspection
  • Process optimization via data analysis
  • Modular or turnkey solution


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