Actions in overview

  • Conversion to home office for all employees working in the office
  • Prioritization of IT topics for a smooth process
  • Parents and risk groups enjoy special protection in areas where a home office is not possible.
  • Closing of the canteen and other public areas
  • Strongly controlled access by suppliers to selected areas
  • Controlled internal exchange, no exchange between the properties
  • Pooling of forces to fulfill the contract
  • Supply chains: constant observation of the situation in the procurement markets. Quick solution finding with the customer if there are any effects in individual orders
  • Division of production into two groups, with activities taking place independently of each other. Central areas are also cleaned every hour, the minimum distance each other is respected
  • Small things also count: disposable cloths for opening the door, operating the touchpads on coffee machines, and various multiple machines to be used. Replacement planning of building use ensures further productivity in an emergency (e.g. production).
Nobody can currently assess the effects of the corona virus exactly. Our goal is therefore to minimize the corona influence and the resulting risks as much as possible. This primarily affects the health of our employees, but also economic risks for VITRONIC, our suppliers and customers. We will constantly reassess the situation and adapt to it. I appeal to all stakeholders to agree to the changed framework together. Then we will emerge from this crisis stronger in the future
Daniel Scholz-Stein Chief Executive Officer

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VITRONIC is a world leader in industrial machine vision. The owner-managed group of companies develops innovative products and customized solutions in the growth industries of automation, healthcare, photovoltaics, logistics automation, body scanning solutions, and traffic technology.

With over 35 years of experience, VITRONIC offers a unique portfolio of systems and software for image and sensor-based quality inspection, identification, traffic monitoring, and toll collection. Customers include renowned companies such as B.Braun, BMW, Daimler, DHL, UPS, Toll Collect, Fresenius, and Sanofi, as well as government agencies and public authorities.

VITRONIC systems play a major role in ensuring the highest levels of quality and efficiency in the production processes of the automobile, photovoltaic, and pharmaceutical industries.

In logistics centers and cargo airports worldwide, VITRONIC's Auto-ID solutions efficiently capture and integrate shipment data and ensure the transparent flow of packages.

In the traffic technology sector, VITRONIC offers high-performance technologies to increase road safety, improve traffic flow and secure tolling revenue.

Since its founding in 1984, VITRONIC has grown continuously, and currently has over 1,000 employees.  It is represented in four continents and in over 80 countries. VITRONIC supports its international customers through its subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as through a global network of sales and service partners.

VITRONIC systems are developed and manufactured at the company's headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany. In 2020, the Group’s total revenue was 152,5 million Euros.

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Whether in automation or traffic engineering: With our systems our customers see more. The combination of hardware, data and intelligent evaluation makes applications and analyses possible that were unthinkable until recently. A previously hidden world becomes visible and usable.