VITRONIC will present its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for medical and pharmaceutical production processes at the PDA Visual Inspection Forum in Washington D.C. The leading company in industrial machine vision is also a sponsor of the event that spotlights current trends in the visual inspection industry. One key topic of the forum this year is the life cycle of optical inspections and their contributions to quality risk management. The forum will be accompanied by an exhibition that features the most recent developments in commercial inspection hardware.

The event is extremely important to us because we want to expand our business in the pharmaceutical industry, in particular in the areas of sales and service. Many of our automatic visual inspection systems, especially those designed for the inspection of vials are being used in the United States today.
Michael Schindler President VITRONIC Machine Vision Ltd. USA

Presentation on particle detection in IV bags

Patient safety is VITRONIC’s top priority. Therefore, the machine vision expert will place particular focus on particle detection in infusion solutions at the industry forum. In a poster presentation with multiple sessions on both days of the event, VITRONIC will present the specific challenges within this area of application and the company’s solutions for the reliable and efficient inspection of IV bags. These solutions use a verification symbol to identify the smallest particles, even those hidden by imprints on the bag.

Reliable inspection methods for difficult-to-inspect products

One of the biggest challenges when inspecting products during the pharmaceutical filling and packaging process are products deemed difficult to inspect. These are containers that make optical inspection significantly more difficult due to their geometries, size, and material characteristics. In particular, IV bags used for the parenteral administration of liquid drugs and blood transfusions make it difficult to reliably identify hidden particles because of their relative size, irregular shape, and large imprinted areas. The VINSPEC HEALTHCARE machine vision system can reliably identify misprinted IV bags, as well as those with even the smallest particles, and automatically sort them out. As early on as the bag production process, VITRONIC’s solution can reliably inspect the products for cosmetic defects, such as defective crimping.

VITRONIC’s innovative technology will be on display April 23-24 at thePDA Forum in Washington D.C., booth 111.

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VITRONIC is a world leader in industrial machine vision. The owner-managed group of companies develops innovative products and customized solutions in the growth industries of automation, healthcare, photovoltaics, logistics automation, body scanning solutions, and traffic technology.

With over 35 years of experience, VITRONIC offers a unique portfolio of systems and software for image and sensor-based quality inspection, identification, traffic monitoring, and toll collection. Customers include renowned companies such as B.Braun, BMW, Daimler, DHL, UPS, Toll Collect, Fresenius, and Sanofi, as well as government agencies and public authorities.

VITRONIC systems play a major role in ensuring the highest levels of quality and efficiency in the production processes of the automobile, photovoltaic, and pharmaceutical industries.

In logistics centers and cargo airports worldwide, VITRONIC's Auto-ID solutions efficiently capture and integrate shipment data and ensure the transparent flow of packages.

In the traffic technology sector, VITRONIC offers high-performance technologies to increase road safety, improve traffic flow and secure tolling revenue.

Since its founding in 1984, VITRONIC has grown continuously, and currently has over 1,000 employees.  It is represented in four continents and in over 80 countries. VITRONIC supports its international customers through its subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as through a global network of sales and service partners.

VITRONIC systems are developed and manufactured at the company's headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany. In 2020, the Group’s total revenue was 152,5 million Euros.

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