Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Blacklists
and Whitelists

Systems for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) play a crucial role in many applications relating to security. They enable individual vehicles to be identified quickly and reliably without intervening in the traffic flow. These applications are not just limited to crime fighting. The POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE number plate recognition systems from VITRONIC can also be deployed wherever access is only permitted to particular classes or types of vehicles.


  • Automatic matching to number plate databases
  • Support for blacklist and whitelist methods
  • Top recognition rates including at high speeds
  • Data protection and data security via encryption and selective transmission
Automatic number plate recognition with POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE
Automatic number plate recognition with POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE

Blacklists, Whitelists

POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE links VITRONIC's powerful recognition technology with back office software which compares the number plate recognition results against a database. Many applications can be derived from this principle. With blacklisting, vehicles that are being searched for are contained in a database. When there is a match, the relevant details such as the place, time, and reason for the search are immediately sent to the prescribed points in an encrypted manner. All license plates for which there is no match are immediately deleted. POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE blacklist deployment scenarios are search support, border controls and finding stolen or uninsured vehicles.

When deployed for whitelisting purposes, the database holds a list of registered license plates. With access controls based on whitelists, the system flags any unregistered vehicle. POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE is not limited to license plate recognition. The system can also recognize other visual features such as tags and badges and monitor traffic for them. For example, vehicles that do not have a low emissions badge can be identified in moving traffic. Controlling vehicles in bus lanes is another application.

Top Recognition Accuracy Including at High Speeds

Because of the LIDAR technology used for vehicle recognition and the system's high read rates, POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE can reliably recognize license plates even at high speeds and in heavy traffic. This means that the system can also be used to monitor multi-lane motorways.

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POLISCAN SURVEILLANCE allows vehicle identification via automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and database matching in free-flowing traffic at maximum speed.


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