VITRONIC at the Parcel & Post Expo 2022

Fair Parcel+Post Expo 2022

It's All About Dimensioning

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Certified dimensioning is vital for CEP providers to realize automatic invoicing in order to protect their revenue. VITRONIC provides dimensioning systems that can detect even the smallest items from 20 mm in height and on all conveyor systems.

Meet the team and let’s discuss on our booth how you can benefit from this dimensioning accuracy daily. Gain a deeper understanding for VITRONIC’s dimensioning system in our product presentation with live Q&A.

Join the keynote “Revenue Recovery Thanks to Certified Dimensioning” at the conference during the sessions “Solutions for cost and revenue management”.

Parcel+Post Expo 2022

Let‘s talk about certified dimensioning and how accuracy pays off.,format
For safer roads

Red light enforcement

Intersections and junctions already account for nearly half of all road users injured or killed in urban settings. Our video-based enforcement system POLISCAN Redlight VA uses AI allows the monitoring of more complex situations with various road users. They can, as a prime example, automatically distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles and thus detect, when the right of way at crosswalks is not being complied with.

Mobile phone detection

Using a mobile phone while driving is a very modern problem because this behavior is widespread and extremely dangerous.

Due to our AI it is now possible to offer fully automated enforcement system using trained software that detects the use of a smartphone while driving.


“Towards better and safer mobility with AI based technology”

April 18, 2024 | 12.15 - 12.45 P.M. | Summit Theatre 1

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our booth #1088 at Parcel+Post Expo in Frankfurt.

Torben Posert

Torben Posert

Head of the ​Business Unit Automation at ​VITRONIC
Torben Posert is responsible for ​VITRONICs activities in the ​automotive, healthcare, logistics, ​photovoltaics and 3D body scan ​sectors. ​Posert joined VITRONIC in 2004 ​immediately after completing his ​studies. As an application engineer, ​he first dealt with the subject of ​logistics. ​After moving to the sales department​ for logistics, he took on responsibility​ as department head for this area​ in 2017.
Till Neumann

Till Neumann

Productmanager Logistics Automation
As Product Manager, Till Neumann ​ is responsible for the logistics automation product portfolio of VITRONIC. ​He has over seven years experience as a ​Product Manager and is familiar with all ​aspects of product development and ​management, including design and ​marketing. ​Till Neuman studied at the RheinMain ​University of Applied Science as well as ​in Lille in France, and Amsterdam in the ​Netherlands.​
Gary Young

Gary Young

Head of External ​Sales Business Unit Automation VITRONIC
With over 15 years in the logistics ​market and working on a Global basis, Gary Young has experience in providing ​solutions to both multi-national companies and independents within ​the CEP, Postal and intralogistic sectors. ​In his current role, as Head of External ​Sales Business Unit Automation for ​VITRONIC, Gary has helped deliver ​successful VIPAC SMALLS SORT ​projects in Asia and North America.
Dr. Martin Zimprich

Dr. Martin Zimprich

Head of Automation Product Dimensioning
Martin is a specialist in 3D dimensioning solutions. He has designed and managed the development of multiple generations of VITRONIC dimensioning devices. As Head of Automation Product Dimensioning, he is accountable for sensorics and software development including worldwide certification for legal for trade dimensioning solutions. Martin Zimprich holds a PhD from the Faculty of Physics of Philipps University Marburg.
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