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umati - the standardization of industry 4.0 standards

Currently, the biggest challenge in Industry 4.0 is the harmonization of the numerous standards that are currently being developed (OPC UA Companion Specifications).

This Companion Specification usually describes exactly one type of device, such as an image processing system or a robot. In real applications, however, a whole range of different types of devices will have to work together. In order to enable efficient interaction, common specifications are required, i.e. harmonization of the individual standards with the aim of interoperability.

VITRONIC is an active participant in various working groups that strive to create overarching guidelines that ensure interoperability beyond individual Companion standards. This year, the first version of the "OPC UA for Machinery" Companion Specification is to be published in which such common definitions are laid down.

In order to make the topic of harmonization visible to end customers as well, VDMA and VDW have decided to promote all Companion specifications created and harmonized under their umbrella under the common label Universal Machine Technology Interface (umati).   

Carsten Born
Development Machine Vision Platform
Computing Platform Qualification
Technical Consultant IPC