Several severe earthquakes struck the Turkish-Syrian border region at the beginning of February, leaving entire towns in ruins: Destroyed houses, countless injured and homeless. The death toll is rising daily. Millions of people are affected by the consequences and need support. Therefore, VITRONIC provides immediate help and donates 10,000 € to the Arbeiter-Samariter Bund Deutschland e.V., a nationwide, party-politically and denominationally independent non-profit aid and welfare organization, which is supported by more than 1.4 million members. The donation will be used to purchase 4 mobile drinking water treatment plants that can supply around 1,500 people with clean water daily - a resource that is essential for survival.

We are deeply affected by the devastating effects of the earthquakes. That we support is a matter of course for us.
Matthias Pörner CFO at VITRONIC

Matthias Pörner, CFO, and Ludwig Frölich, 1. State Chairman of ASB, at the handover of the donation.

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, ASB sends an assessment team to Turkey to plan the deployment of the FAST (First Assistance Samaritan Teams). Along on board? Our esteemed colleague Dr. Cristian Düsing, Project Manager BU Automation. He has been a member of ASB for several years and has already traveled to disaster areas in the past to help people on the ground. VITRONIC is delighted about this commitment and dedication. Making a difference is also the company's mission.

© Hannibal/ ASB Deutschland e.V., Dr. Christian Düsing, Project Manager BU Automation at VITRONIC

What motivated Christian to join ASB? What experiences has he made during his FAST mission in Turkey? He answered all these questions and more in an interview.

What motivated you to join ASB?

I came to ASB rather by chance through my civilian service. Little by little, I got to know what the ASB had to offer and was able to identify directly with its mission.

What exactly is the ASB FAST?

ASB Bundesverband has a foreign disaster relief unit called FAST (Frist Assistance Samaritan Team), which provides basic medical care and drinking water in the disaster area after corresponding events. Most of the time, the missions are on very short notice. This requires a high degree of flexibility, support and understanding for the activity from the individual task forces, their families and also the employers - here I am very grateful to VITRONIC.

What is your role at ASB?

At ASB FAST I am qualified for both modules, medicine and drinking water. Depending on the need, I am responsible for medical assistance, water treatment or analysis.

What mission were you on in Turkey?

The earthquakes in early February hit Turkey and Syria hard. We were on the ground in Turkey, more precisely in the town of Semandag, on the border with Syria. Almost all houses are damaged and most of them have completely or partially collapsed. The water pipes are out of order. During the operation, we were able to set up a drinking water supply and provided help where it was needed.

What experience was special to you during your ASB assignment in Turkey?

During the operation in February there was another strong earthquake. The neighboring residents of a small house and the Turkish volunteers in the tents next to us sought shelter with us. They had fear and perhaps memories of the worshipful event two weeks earlier written all over their faces. Fortunately, there were only a few people with minor injuries. The cohesion in the team is enormous - especially after the quake this helped a lot.

How can one support the work of the ASB?

The ASB is financed by membership fees and donations. I am all the more pleased about the donation of 10,000€ from my employer VITRONIC. These financial donations have the greatest impact on the ASB and thus on the people who need the help most urgently.

The earthquakes in the Turkish-Syrian border region are already among the worst natural disasters of the last hundred years. That we help is a matter of course for us.

© Hannibal/ ASB Deutschland e.V., Dr. Christian Düsing, Project Manager BU Automation at VITRONIC

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