For two years, we have been supporting the "Zwerg Nase" Children's Hospice in Wiesbaden through regular donations. During this time, we have developed a close connection to this facility for young children and adults. We are continually impressed by the exceptional dedication of the staff and caregivers, who work tirelessly for the well-being of the children. This bond, ensuring the safety of the children around the clock, has evoked a strong sense of closeness in us. As VITRONIC actively advocates for the daily safety of road users and patients, this connection holds special significance for us.

All the things we were able to acquire with the support of VITRONIC are vital for our Zwerg Nase children."
Sabine Schenk Managing Director Zwerg Nase

Where Love and Support Create a Home


The different areas of the "Zwerg Nase" house embody a message of care and support for severely ill children and young adults. Since 2005, this remarkable home has played a crucial role in improving the lives of children with various medical needs in Wiesbaden and beyond.

Especially noteworthy are the dedicated areas for children with epilepsy and the section accommodating twelve children and young adults who require constant ventilation. In total, there are 84 spaces available to support families in their respective situations, ranging from infants to young adults. Here, not only is medical care ensured, but also a nurturing and secure home is provided where little heroes can grow.

The second floor of the hospice provides young adults in the Neurophase F with a space for transition and growth. Here, they can develop their independence while still relying on the loving care and support they need during their journey. "Zwerg Nase" not only contributes to physical care but also creates an emotional and supportive environment for the children and young adults it houses. It is a place of courage, hope, and community that accompanies the little heroes and their families in their fight.

Fulfilling Dreams, Ensuring Safety

This year, our commitment to Zwerg Nase goes one step further. For Christmas, we are gifting the house with a patient lift. However, this equipment represents much more than just technology and mechanics – it means relief for the children and staff, creating new freedoms. Especially for those who frequently struggle with immobility, everyday movements pose a challenge. The donation enables dedicated staff to efficiently fulfill their tasks without additional physical strain. Movements from the bed to the shower chair, wheelchair, or elsewhere not only become smoother but also more pleasant for the children.

The medical hoist is an enormous relief for my work on the ward, especially when caring for older children. Without it, lifting the children alone would not be feasible. With the patient lift, I can easily transport them from the bed to the wheelchair or to the shower bed. It enriches my entire work, and the children describe being lifted as flying and have fun."
Collen Becker Caregiver Zwerg Nase

VITRONIC provides the children's hospice with a new medical hoist.

Overcoming Barriers Together

Every donation contributes to fulfilling the basic needs of the children. In addition to these needs, our donations also facilitate the organization of children's birthdays, celebrations, and other social events. It is particularly important to us to support the caregivers in creating a lively and cheerful environment. Over the past years, a partnership has been established between VITRONIC and Zwerg Nase, characterized by mutual recognition and support. We eagerly anticipate our next visit.

At VITRONIC, we are fully aware of our social and regional responsibility. The development of Zwerg Nase in recent years is extremely gratifying, especially in the new home with numerous additional beds and children. Our commitment to this project is in the best hands."
Matthias Pörner CFO VITRONIC

Presentation of the donation check: Sabine Schenk (Zwerg Nase) and Matthias Pörner (VITRONIC)

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