Leaders in Logistics Summit 2024

Fair Leaders in Logistics Summit

What to expect at the Leaders in Logistics Summit:

  • E-Commerce Logistics Landscape
  • Digitizing the Supply Chain
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce
  • Sustainable Logistics

Leaders in Logistics Summit sets the stage for the world’s leading carriers, postal operators, 3PLs and retail logistics professionals to come together to share their knowledge and best practices to thrive in the evolving world of parcel delivery. Learn how to harness the opportunities of international e-commerce, master the complexities of the last mile, future-proof fulfilment and warehouse operations, complete the transition towards sustainable logistics and much more.


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Gary Young

Gary Young

Head of External ​Sales Business Unit Automation VITRONIC
With over 15 years in the logistics ​market and working on a Global basis, Gary Young has experience in providing ​solutions to both multi-national companies and independents within ​the CEP, Postal and intralogistic sectors. ​In his current role, as Head of External ​Sales Business Unit Automation for ​VITRONIC, Gary has helped deliver ​successful VIPAC SMALLS SORT ​projects in Asia and North America.

Want to know how to leverage the use of AI with existing data in operations?

In a time where the e-commerce landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, the integration of AI and machine vision in sorting processes is poised to revolutionize efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and enhance profit margins.
For operational excellence

Machine vision in logistics sorting processes

In the dynamic realm of logistics, where performance and efficiency are essential, digitalization plays a pivotal role. Explore the game-changing synergy of AI and machine vision in sorting operations, boosting efficiency, customer satisfaction and margins. Discover how cutting-edge technology can transform the logistics operations landscape, offering unparalleled control and optimization. Don't miss the key to elevating your sorting processes and maximizing profitability!

The Innovation Spotlight – Lecture

“Leveraging the use of AI with existing data in operations”

 March 13, 2024 | 12.15 - 12.30 P.M. | Pod 16

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