At the beginning of January, I, Matthias Pörner, CFO of VITRONIC, accepted the invitation of the managing director, Mrs. Schenk, and had the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of what it was like at the facility. I had the opportunity to meet the residents and employees and to experience the work.

With great commitment and a lot of fun, a motivated team works around the clock for the life and home of these people. Our donations are financing, among other things, an additional nursing home bed - which is good timing, because at the end of 2020, a building that will provide additional places is expected to open.

To be human means to feel responsibility! The residents experience all the support they need to live a life in peace. The families can find relief and help here to have supported time for themselves and their other children. Thanks to VITRONIC, who have been supporting us for years.
Sabine Schenk Managing director of the house

A moving visit.

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