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Learn more about our solutions for quality assurance in automated welding processes.

  • VIRO WSI: Automatic weld seam inspection for critical safety vehicle parts.
  • VIRO WSM: Fully monitor your laser welding processes, automatically.
  • Weldloop: Software that helps optimize processes.

FABTECH Mexico is the leading metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event in Latin America. It’s where the metal manufacturing industry comes together. More than 400 brands will display the latest technology, machinery, and solutions for your business. FABTECH is the place where new contacts are made, existing relations are strengthened, and business deals are closed.

VIRO WSM: Real-time monitoring of laser welding processes

Laser welding is extremely fast and precise, but efficient mass production requires stable processes that are automated as much as possible. Downtimes and manual interventions drive up costs. With VIRO WSM, you avoid scrap and manual rework and keep interruptions to a minimum.

Weldloop: Optimize critical processes

Weldloop helps manufacturers optimize their welding processes and save costs. With the software, data from weld inspection and the welding process can be linked. Using analyses and visual evaluations of large amounts of data, deviations and their causes can be easily identified and quickly fixed.

Schedule a time to speak with an automation expert about our weld seam inspection solutions.

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