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Learn how automated traffic enforcement improves safety and efficiency for officers and communities

  • Best-in-class Scanning LiDAR Technology improves traffic enforcement outcomes
  • Traffic Enforcement Bar includes front & side mobile ALPR, radar, & GPS
  • Automated POLISCAN Red-light Solutions visually monitor common traffic violations

Automated Traffic Enforcement: Making roads safer with improved technologies

Innovative Technologies, like scanning LiDAR, automate traffic enforcement and improve traffic safety throughout the US and world. Automated traffic enforcement allow officers to proactively focus on crime prevention and community engagement. With a 57% reduction in accidents after implementing automated traffic enforcement, 4.3 hours of officer time is saved every day. Communities create value with improved road safety, increased revenue generation that can be reinvested into transportation or city services.

Scanning LiDAR: State-of-the-art laser technology for better measurement

VITRONIC offers innovative measurement technology for speed enforcement. Scanning LiDAR uses 158 continuous laser beams to monitor all movement, which catches more offenders than radar technology. Globally, Scanning LiDAR has resulted in over 1B citation tickets issued, with zero citations over-turned for any technical reasons.

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