ITS Australia – Roads, Tolling and Technology

Conference ITS Australia – Roads, Tolling and Technology

Australia continues to lead the world in pioneering technologies and their seamless integration across all aspects of road operations. As the demand for infrastructure and software to support a resurgent transport system grows, it presents tremendous opportunities for innovative businesses.

ITS Australia's Roads, Tolling & Technology 2024 conference serves as a hub for industry leaders, providing a platform for forging new partnerships, conducting business, and gaining valuable insights. The conference will broaden horizons, shifting the focus from toll roads to encompass all aspects of road operations and the interconnected technologies that drive them, spanning from motorways and arterials to the extensive networks that extend beyond. Here, experts gather to explore critical themes such as smart infrastructure and data deployments, international perspectives and case studies, network optimization and planning, future tolling and transport pricing, payment management and collections, and much more.

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