The objectives underpinning our management system are to make processes better all the time so that we can keep raising our standards even higher and to ensure our ability to respond to new developments. Our certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001—now based both on product quality and on the underlying processes—also helps us meet our goals.

What does process-oriented mean?

We map all our tasks in a process landscape. We use the documented process descriptions to implement these in practice. It is crucial for us to be able to monitor the life-cycles of our individual processes to determine their efficiency. We use meaningful key figures as measures where necessary. And, based on these, we can continue enhancing our processes all the time.

One important principle on which this culture of continuous improvement is based is the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Simply put:

  • We perform a situational analysis.
  • We align our management system with the relevant requirements.
  • We determine the relevant tasks.
  • We summarize all processes in our process landscape.
  • We monitor and evaluate the efficiency of these processes and improve them on an ongoing basis.

Our culture of continuous improvement is based on a number of key principles, such as the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, analysis of opportunities and risks, our open error culture, and the use of cutting-edge methods in development and order processing.

Project management in accordance with PRINCE2®, service management in accordance with ITIL®, and application development in the medical field in accordance with GAMP® do not conflict with agile development methods, such as design thinking, KANBAN, SCRUM, or rapid prototyping, which we apply as needed.

Our Quality Goals

Based on these principles and methods, we can achieve success in all areas of importance to our customers, partners, and other stakeholders—for example, in quality management, information security, work safety and health protection, export control, certification, and more. Of course, the same applies to the topic of sustainability.

We have formulated quality goals based on our quality policy and on customer requirements.

We measure goal attainment in regular audits:

  • Keep customer satisfaction high
  • Ensure product conformity
  • Improve relevant processes on a continuous and sustainable basis
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