Distance-Based Tolling

Customized Toll Solutions for More Efficient Processes

VITRONIC, as a one-stop supplier, ensures end-to-end processing of your data with our toll system platform. VITRONIC develops customized tolling systems for you, based on standardized, innovative products. As a result, you benefit from a large degree of flexibility. High efficiency and reliability also ensure cost-efficient operation.

Efficient processes for distance-based tolling.

Boost Your Open Road Tolling Efficiency

Efficiency is essential to profitability.

VITRONIC supports your tolling projects, from system installation right through to pre-adjudication processing. A high degree of automation in the detection and identification of vehicles ensures smooth operation without any intervention. This benefits your entire enforcement and charging business, which becomes streamlined and needs fewer resources.

Higher Performance with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence optimizes digital processes and increases the efficiency. AI makes toll enforcement and collection systems more precise.

Reliability in the detection of toll payments that have not been paid or not been paid correctly represents an important element of distance based road charging efficiency. VITRONIC systems are based on Artificial Intelligence and, as a result, offer high detection and classification rates. LIDAR and image sensors deliver excellent results also at high speeds. Not to mention a superb license plate read rate.

Data quality and protection for distance-based road charging

Data competence of a Full-service provider

Data quality and data protection are important aspects of toll systems. VITRONIC offers standardized and configurable functions in the product.

For you, this means that your processing of vehicle and customer data is 100 percent compliant with data protection regulations—this also includes a defined data deletion concept. You also benefit from a high degree of data integrity, strong fraud-proofing, and legally incontestable evidence.

Easy installation of toll enforcement systems

Easy Installation and Customization

Installation costs must be kept low so that tolling projects can become profitable quickly.

VITRONIC systems involve low setup costs and a short completion period, as they can even be installed at existing construction sites. In addition, you get a configurable system that can be flexibly adjusted based on charge determination. Plug & play functions also keep adjustment costs low.

Easy Operation, Excellent Service

Seamless processes and a low resource input result in cost-efficient projects. Solutions from VITRONIC require no manual interventions during operation, which minimizes resource usage. All systems can be maintained remotely, keeping costs down in this area also. In addition, VITRONIC offers a full service with global service points and certified partners.

Individual integration of toll projects

Single-Source Integration

With VITRONIC, you get full integration, setup, implementation, and service from a single supplier.

The high quality standards we offer are based on our excellent level of expertise in the tolling market, as well as 15 years of experience in implementing tolling projects. As a result, your costs of orchestration and integration are significantly reduced.

The Right System for Every Requirement

VITRONIC distance based toll solutions are geared towards your needs. TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW is a toll system for free-flowing traffic. It has minimal infrastructure requirements and enables automated toll calculation and enforcement across an unlimited number of lanes in all directions.

TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE, which is installed at the roadside, offers an alternative tolling solution for roads with fewer lanes. All systems can be operated with DSRC, RFID or camera-based number plate recognition (ANPR). Thanks to our many years of experience, we can also create fully customized solutions for you.

Our systems can also be integrated into existing toll plaza configurations.

Phases within the validation process

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Toll gantry for distance-based road charging and enforcement
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Efficient Toll Collection and Enforcement

In Brief

  • Efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Strong data protection
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating costs

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