Intelligent Toll Systems

What Defines Sustainable Mobility in Practice?

It's technologies and services that make traffic management more efficient, resource-conserving, ecological and economical for you - in a word: more future-proof. As a full-service provider for platform-based toll systems, we offer you customized tolling solutions based on standardized and at the same time innovative products that sustainably improve your entire processes.

Efficient processes for intelligent toll systems

More Efficiency for Your Toll System

You want to save resources in toll enforcement and become sustainably more efficient? Then rely on toll systems that feature a high degree of automation in the detection and identification of vehicles. This ensures smooth operation without intervention, benefiting your entire business process. You need fewer resources, and your process becomes leaner and more economical overall.  

Automation Up to Artificial Intelligence

Digital processes and neural networks make your toll enforcement and collection more precise – and thus secure investment scope sustainably.

Efficiency does not come from automation alone; low error rates in the detection of incorrect or missed toll payments also make a decisive contribution. Systems that operate with artificial intelligence offer high detection and classification rates. In the process, lidar and image sensors deliver excellent results with an outstanding number plate recognition rate, even at high speeds.

Data quality and protection for intelligent toll systems.
Data competence

Legally Compliant Systems for Sustainable Credibility

Precise data capture is one thing, data protection is another – and it is at least as important an aspect of tolling. That's why standardized and configurable functions in the product are part of our solutions and enable you to process vehicle and customer data in compliance with data protection regulations – which also includes a defined data deletion and anonymization concept. In addition, you benefit from high data integrity, strong fraud-proofing, and legally incontestable evidence.

Easy installation of intelligent toll systems

Easy Installation and Customization

In addition to the right technology, its installation options also play a decisive role in choosing a suitable tolling solution. Low installation effort and costs will quickly make your tolling projects profitable. This provides economic sustainability.

What exactly this looks like: Tolling solutions from VITRONIC can be installed on existing structures which results in low setup costs and a short completion period. Furthermore, you get a configurable toll system that can be flexibly adjusted based on charge determination. Plug & play functionalities also keep adjustment efforts low.

Easy Operation, Comprehensive Service

Even if something needs to be repaired or adjusted, with our solutions no manual intervention is required. You can maintain all systems remotely.  This sustainably ensures seamless processes, a low use of resources – and ultimately cost-efficient projects.

Moreover, we offer worldwide service points and certified partners in case external help is necessary after all.

Individual integration of toll projects

Sustainable Partnership

With our extensive network, we are always at your side.

As comprehensive consulting and support for our customers are important to us, VITRONIC supplies you with complete integration, setup, implementation and service from a single source.

Our sound know-how in the tolling market and our 20 years of experience in the holistic realization of tolling projects enable us to support you in every phase of a project. This significantly reduces your effort for orchestration and integration.

Full Service for Your Toll Enforcement

Holistic processes for intelligent toll systems

The Right Toll System for Every Requirement

Along with extensive service and professional consulting, VITRONIC has a broad product portfolio to meet your needs.

Zero standstill with TOLLCHECKER: All toll systems in this product family operate optionally with DSRC, RFID or purely camera-based automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and detect vehicles in free-flowing traffic.

Benefit from our flexible tolling solutions that can be used both stationary and mobile – and decide whether the detection of vehicles takes place at a bridge or from a moving vehicle. 

We have the right solution for your challenge.

In Brief

Toll gantry for intelligent toll systems
Michael Leyendecker

Michael Leyendecker

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Efficient Toll Collection and Enforcement with VITRONIC

In Brief

  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Strong data protection
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating costs
  • Full service partner

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