Case Data Import and Case Processing for Traffic Offenses

VITRONIC's digital red light and speed enforcement systems guarantee the highest level of measurement accuracy and reliability for the evidential documentation of traffic offenses. VITRONIC also offers powerful software solutions to simplify the import and evaluation of data, and enable efficient processing of the generated case files.

Falldatenimport und Fallverarbeitung von Verkehrsverstößen


With POLISCAN CONNECT you can automate numerous processes used by stationary enforcement units, enabling them to be managed online by the control office—from the pre-processing and transfer of case data to the monitoring of the operating status of connected POLISCAN systems and remote access to local systems for maintenance purposes. Automated processes reduce the expenses required for travel and the resources needed for dispatches, and improves the availability of the traffic monitoring systems.


VITRONIC's POLISCAN OFFICE PRO is a complete solution for efficient case processing. The software manages the entire processing workflow of case data and the provisioning of prepared data records for downstream offense systems. Furthermore, the evaluation software is scalable and flexible, and can be easily integrated within existing IT infrastructures.

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