POLISCAN CONNECT—Fully Automated Case Data Transfer and System Monitoring in One Software

Automation and efficiency are closely linked. Workflows are becoming more fluid, processing times are being shortened, and errors are occurring less frequently. POLISCAN CONNECT is VITRONIC's ideal automation solution, which makes the manual transfer of case data of traffic offenses no longer necessary. Instead, it can be downloaded as encrypted data directly from the connected system and processed further. Even other recurring processes can be configured as required and automated using POLISCAN CONNECT. Case data can be directly archived, sorted according to various parameters, and accessed any time. In addition, it is possible to start or stop enforcement activities from headquarters, adjust parameters such as speed trigger thresholds, or restart activities for sites in just a few clicks.

Visualization of case data in GIS

An Optimal Overview of All Monitoring Systems

POLISCAN CONNECT offers a comprehensive overview of all connected VITRONIC systems at all times. Headquarters can easily retrieve information in real time about the status of enforcement units and individual components, making it easier to quickly detect, analyze, and rectify malfunctions. An integrated service call function supports troubleshooting. Thanks to a variety of map views, the monitoring software makes it possible to visualize single sites, system statuses, and traffic information, such as the number of traffic violations or passing vehicles.

Remote Management and Configuration

To ensure the availability of connected systems, POLISCAN CONNECT uses a centrally controlled remote maintenance function. It assists in facilitating short response times and prompt intervention by qualified personnel, making it possible to select the affected system with the click of a mouse. Furthermore, this function allows you to freely configure and automate recurring processes. The use of encryption technology offers you the highest level of data security.

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