Evaluate Traffic Offenses Efficiently with POLISCAN OFFICE PRO

POLISCAN OFFICE PRO is a software solution that makes evaluating traffic offenses simpler and more efficient— a comprehensive approach that manages the entire processing workflow. Case data can be imported automatically, prepared for processing, and provided as a complete data record for downstream offense systems.

POLISCAN OFFICE PRO's interface is user friendly and can be customized to support fast processing of case data. The software has also been equipped with several convenient features. For example, it is possible to automatically read the license plate of a vehicle or render the front passenger anonymous so that fine collection authorities can evaluate traffic offenses more efficiently.

Evaluation of Traffic Offenses with POLISCAN OFFICE PRO

POLISCAN OFFICE PRO—Simple, Flexible, and Customizable

The POLISCAN OFFICE PRO interface is straightforward and user friendly. Furthermore, the software automates numerous inspection and processing tasks that arise when evaluating traffic offenses. The workflow-based program is so flexible that it can be easily tailored to existing and new business processes, making it possible to process cases at the local responsible authority or by teams in large fine collection offices.
POLISCAN OFFICE PRO supports the connection of external systems such as vehicle owner databases or offense catalogs. This accelerates the efficient evaluation of traffic offenses, since case data records can be completed automatically and errors can be minimized because data is no longer entered manually.

Simple, Straightforward Integration

As a web-based application with standardized interfaces, POLISCAN OFFICE PRO can be easily and securely integrated within existing IT infrastructures. Furthermore, the software is modular and scalable. If the processing workflow or the number of cases to be processed changes or increases, the program simply expands with the new requirements.

Secure Data Transmission

Data protection and security are extremely important when it comes to evaluating traffic offenses. POLISCAN OFFICE PRO meets these challenges through use of a multi-level security approach. For example, users can access the software only through a secure login process and data is transmitted via an encrypted connection. Furthermore, POLISCAN OFFICE PRO documents all logins and data changes.

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