ASECAP Days Milano 2024

Conference ASECAP Days 2024

Topics of ASECAP Days 2024:

  • Infrastructure financing - Accelerating mobility project delivery: funding infrastructure projects that meet the climate change challenges. Driving Innovation: Future of roads and traffic management.
  • Digital    twin-based    maintenance    and    monitoring    for    road infrastructure: increasing applications of digital twinning technology.
  • Driving Change: tolling System and CO2 Reduction for Net Zero Targets.
  • Road safety - the path to reach vision Zero.
  • What's new in toll collection: cashless tolling, contactless tolling, license plate tolling-all-electronic tolling (AET ), emerging technologies.
  • Driving forward: improving mobility data spaces and platforms to ensure resilience.
  • The Future of Motor Fuels: transforming safety, sustainability, and traffic management in Connected Autonomous, Shared an Electric Vehicles (CASE).
  • Investing in Human Capital and facilitating interdisciplinary coor- dination for the future of cooperative roads and traffic management.
  • Revise procurement Framework for wide-scale traffic management and tolling solution: standards for efficient deployment and updates of new roads and traffic management solutions (e.g. tolling, technology, finance, PPP etc.).
  • Towards sustainable development & environmental protection of road infrastructure - ESG Compliance: Commitments of the industry to meet environmental, social and governance standards through its operations and KPIs.

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Innovation as a key tool to reach safe, inclusive and green mobility solutions.


European Motorway operators have started for several years the shift to greener mobility. More investments for mobility are needed as European cities are increasing in size as well as the population.This new paradigm is requesting to reshape the mobility offer to adapt it to the climate change reality but also to answer to provide high level community services expected in terms of mobility. To face those challenges, toll road infrastructure operators propose to foster innovation to contribute developing safe, inclusive, and green mobility solutions.The 51st ASECAP Study & Information Days will focus on how it would be possible to foster safe and mobility solutions by stimulating investments aimed at reaching the EU objectives of vision zero in terms of fatalities and vision zero in terms of CO2 emissions.

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