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What to expect at Intertraffic 2024

  • Red light enforcement
  • Mobile phone detection
  • Traffic transition
  • AI-based enforcement for road safety and tolling

Meet us at the Intertraffic 2024!

Can road fatalities ever be a thing of the past?

Worldwide about 1,35 million people die each year on the road. Investing in traffic enforcement technologies means investing in saving people’s lives. Explore at Intertraffic our latest solutions for a safer mobility.,format
For safer roads

Red light enforcement

Intersections and junctions already account for nearly half of all road users injured or killed in urban settings. Our video-based enforcement system POLISCAN Redlight VA uses AI allows the monitoring of more complex situations with various road users. They can, as a prime example, automatically distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles and thus detect, when the right of way at crosswalks is not being complied with.

Mobile phone detection

Using a mobile phone while driving is a very modern problem because this behavior is widespread and extremely dangerous.

Due to our AI it is now possible to offer fully automated enforcement system using trained software that detects the use of a smartphone while driving.


“Towards better and safer mobility with AI based technology”

April 18, 2024 | 12.15 - 12.45 P.M. | Summit Theatre 1

Can we transform city roads to smart traffic networks?

Cities face the challenge of better managing traffic, making it more sustainable, safer and also reducing it. AI based traffic systems can be the facilitator of the traffic transition. At Intertraffic we show you intelligent traffic enforcement solutions to shape a sustainable mobility.,format
For sustainable mobilty

Driveway regulations and restrictions can be an option for traffic management in cities, like for example, low emission zones.

We are providing AI-based solutions that not only can read license plates but are furthermore capable to capture other information about a vehicle – from the type of automobile to the number of passengers.


"The Way to Green Enforcement - Sustainability is the key driver of innovation"

April 17, 2024 | 4.00 - 4.30 P.M. | Summit Theatre 1

Meet us at the Intertraffic 2024!

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