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VITRONIC's Mission - Safe and Efficient Roads

The ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen was a huge success and delight for VITRONIC and all its peers.

We had great and intense discussions on the topic “Quality of Life” and showcased the ways in which industry can contribute to improved livability in urban environments, specifically by creating “Smart Traffic Networks”. This involves safer roads, regulated and free-flowing traffic and shorter journey times. As a positive consequence of these outcomes, lowering congestion leads to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. VITRONIC’s products and solutions presented at the ITS World Congress focussed on road safety, security and tolling.

At this point we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to our visitors and partners. We are looking forward meeting you at the upcoming trade shows 2019!

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Kampagne Interfraffic 2018 EN

Kampagne Interfraffic 2018 EN

  • Smart Traffic Network

    How do enforcement solutions contribute to a sustainable improvement in quality of life through safe and efficient roads? VITRONIC approached this question together with the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. The aim was to develop approaches for optimizing traffic management by using data and information from existing traffic monitoring structures, combined with environmental and weather data. Would you like to learn more about the project in the "digital model city” Darmstadt? Then visit us!



    With a strong focus on the campaign Vision Zero, as an intelligent traffic systems provider, VITRONIC aims to contribute to the goal of zero deaths on our roads. Providing applications for speed (average and spot) and for the protection of intersections with combined red light and speed enforcement, there are significant traffic safety benefits in addition to positive impacts on urban traffic flow.

  • Security



    Public safety has become an increasing concern for authorities around the world. With its high-performance automated number plate recognition (ANPR) solutions, VITRONIC supports the search for wanted vehicles and the control of secure borders. ANPR also opens up possibilities for intelligent traffic flow control.



    VITRONIC’s electronic tolling solutions, TOLLCHECKER, deliver complete vehicle passage reports straight to the commercial back office. The flexible system can combine vehicle identification, classification, DSRC and RFID communication to fit any free-flow tolling scheme from video tolling to GNSS.
    In regards to “Smart Traffic Network”, TOLLCHECKER application ensures optimal road financing is achieved. It regulates traffic volume and encourages a more efficient use of the roads.

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