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Newsletter Industrial Automation 01/2017

July 2017

Dear readers,

Because even the smallest weld seam defects can have serious consequences, more and more global companies in the automotive industry are relying on VIRO WSI. Automated weld seam inspection does not only open the door to a closed automation chain, but also leads to higher and more uniform quality standards thanks to 100% quality control.

This newsletter features interesting updates on VIRO WSI and how you can make your processes more efficient.

Happy reading from VITRONIC.

Overview of Topics

Setting the Benchmark for new Standards – a very positive Trend in Business Development for VIRO WSI

The growing need for sophisticated quality inspection systems and automation solutions around the globe has put VITRONIC and its VIRO WSI for weld seam inspection on a clear course for growth, in particular in foreign markets. In 2016, a renowned Japanese automobile supplier placed an order in the millions for 20 optical inspection systems.

The project involves the automated weld seam inspection of axle components. VITROINIC developed a solution for the immediate automated reworking of defective seams.
These automated machine vision systems increase efficiency in processes worldwide and set new quality standards in the automotive industry, echoing the motto "SETTING THE STANDARD FOR NEW STANDARDS."

This positive trend has resulted in an expansion of the sales team. VITRONIC is pleased to welcome a new sales colleague in Mexico and a sales partner in Italy.

There are currently more than 300 VITRONIC weld seam inspection systems used by leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

New Sales Opportunities in the Automotive Industry


TE.COM Industry & Environmental Solutions, an Italian consultancy firm and service supplier in the automotive industry, is the new sales partner of VITRONIC Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH. With this new partnership, VITRONIC will greatly increase its presence as a supplier of automated quality inspection solutions in the Italian automotive industry.

Its focus will be marketing the VIRO WSI automated weld seam inspection system and VINSPEC machine vision systems for surface and geometric inspections of engine blocks, cylinder heads, and cylinder head gaskets. For customers, this means that a complete robot inspection system can be purchased from a single source.

VIRO WSI – Innovation for even more Efficiency


The VIRO WSI system offers optional visualization stations for manual reworking. Inspection results for each of the component's seams are visually presented to workers in a structured way. In addition, the workers can enter completed reworking tasks in the system and document them with the inspection results.

Typically, multiple VIRO WSI systems are used in one line during the stages of production. Here, the great advantage is to be able to view all inspection results for a joined component in a structured way at the visualization terminal.
In addition to visualization stations for manual reworking, the VIRO WSI system also provides data for automated reworking.


For end-to-end automation without interruption by required manual processing, VITRONIC offers a newly developed optional classifier for the VIRO WSI system. The classifier categorizes captured irregularities and defects as suitable for reworking and then transfers the corresponding reworking parameters to the welding robot.

This means automated reworking is done directly in the inspection and reworking cell and is then inspected again by VIRO WSI.

For more information, contact our sales team:
Dr. Peter Daniel peter.daniel(at)
Julian Martini julian.martini(at)

Events / Trade Shows / Presentations

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, Düsseldorf, September 25-29, 2017

VITRONIC will exhibit the VIRO WSI inspection system and its extensive features at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Düsseldorf, September 25-29, 2017, Hall 13, Booth D15.


VITRONIC will also demo the VIRO WSI system as an objective inspection method for evaluating welded seams at the DVS Robot Welding Contest that will be held as part of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, also in Hall 13.


At the DVS Congress, held at the same time, Sales Manager Dr. Peter Daniel will give a presentation entitled "Automated 3D Inspection, Classification, and Reworking of Weld Seams."
Thursday, September 28, 2017, 2:30 p.m., Room R

FABTECH, Chicago/USA, November 6-9, 2017

Once again this year, Chris Vola, Sales Manager for VIRO WSI in the USA, will present the automated inspection solution at FABTECH in Chicago.

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