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Clarification of the ruling by district court Mannheim

German National Metrology Institute confirms Type Approval. Measurement algorithm of the VITRONIC laser scanner speed measurement systems completely conform to all requirements.

Dear readers,

Referring to a recent ruling by German district court Mannheim (29.11.2016), several juridical online sites stated that the measurement algorithm used by the POLISCAN product line does not conform to the Type Approval issued by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB). Since this matter has been reported far and wide in the weeks following the ruling and been cause for irritation with both authorities and motorists, VITRONIC wishes to clarify the implications of the ruling by citing an official response by the German National Metrology Institute.

The statements are based on testimony by a technical specialist, that some of the data that forms the basis for the measurement, called object points, are generated outside the measuring corridor. The German National Metrology Institute has responded with the following:

The conclusions made by the technical specialist are invalid.

The passage about the properties and role of the object points cited by the specialist are neither requirements nor specifications by the German National Metrology Institute. They are to be understood in the context of describing a complex measuring device in a simplified and generally understandable way. In this respect, it was deliberately abstained from describing the formation and movement of 3D shape models in the measuring and operational range, in which object points play an important role.”

Furthermore, the PTB states:

„We explicitly confirm, that the measurement algorithm of the VITRONIC laser scanner speed measurement systems completely conforms to the requirements of the German National Metrology Institute.

Type Approval for speed measurement systems used for official traffic enforcement is issued under the condition that the relevant legislation as well as additional particular design and construction requirements and test specifications are met.

To verify that the requirements of the relevant legislation are met, the measurement algorithm was extensively tested by the German National Metrology Institute. In addition to extensive operational tests and simulation, verification of the source code was conducted by our IT specialists from the expert group “Metrological Software”. The testing level (risk class F) corresponded to the highest level applicable to measurement systems. The calibration of each individual system ensures, that the measurement algorithm included in the measurement software corresponds to the type approved software deployed at the National Metrological Institute. There is no doubt that the requirements of the National Metrological Institute are complied with. If that was not the case, the National Metrological Institute would take immediate action and remedial measures.”

An extensive official comment by Germany National Metrology Institute can be found at (German only).

We hope to have answered any questions about the court district ruling with this clarification. If there are any further questions or the need for additional information please contact us.

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