Tolls and Vehicle Identification

Toll Systems and Vehicle Identification for Free-Flowing Traffic

No two traffic projects are alike. Laws, economic frameworks and technological requirements vary and present specific demands on the system design. At the same time, public agencies, road operators, service providers and investors require the certainty that the technology deployed is reliable and secure, and that it delivers the best possible detection rates.

Therefore VITRONIC's toll and automatic number plate recognition systems for free-flowing traffic are based on a modular platform which combines 30 years of technological development with the experience gained on some of the world's most advanced traffic projects.

Single gantry toll system TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW
Single gantry toll system TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW

Reliable, Accurate and Secure

VITRONIC's platform strategy enables tailor-made applications to be developed for automatic vehicle identification based on tried and tested components. To this end, the platform provides proven modules for all of the major basic functionalities.

  • Vehicle identification based on the latest laser technology
  • Vehicle recognition with high-performance, camera-based number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Vehicle classification in 3D with no in-road equipment
  • Communication between vehicle and infrastructure with all common wireless technologies such as DSRC and RFID

30 Years of Traffic Technology Expertise

VITRONIC has put 30 years' worth of traffic technology expertise into its platform strategy. Technological milestones from video-, DSRC- and GNSS-based toll systems have been fed into the development, as has the practical experience gained on major projects in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic. Once more, VITRONIC is the system design trend-setter, combining state-of-the-art technology with sound practical input in a unique way.

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