Toll Collection and Toll Enforcement

Toll Collection and Toll Enforcement in Free-Flowing Traffic

No more stopping to pay a toll – VITRONIC's toll solutions for free-flowing traffic mean that toll booths are a thing of the past. With this technology, also known as Multi-Lane Free-Flow (MLFF), the fee for using the road is collected at normal driving speed, so no road users are inconvenienced. VITRONIC was a global pioneer in this technology. In fact, the first nationwide installation was made back in 2003, for the German freeway toll for trucks.

At a Glance

  • Toll collection and/or enforcement with no interruption to road traffic
  • Monitoring of multiple lanes and directions with a single gantry
  • Automatic detection, identification and classification of vehicles
  • Suitable for different road types such as freeways and highways
  • Stationary, semi-stationary or mobile deployment
  • Variable toll collection using GPS, DSRC, video or classification
  • Compatible with common standards such as EETS (European Electronic Toll Service)
Toll collection and toll enforcement in free-flowing traffic

Suitable for All Toll Applications

The VITRONIC MLFF toll system design enables a wide range of toll applications at minimal installation and maintenance cost. Whether you want toll collection, toll enforcement or both, VITRONIC provides the appropriate technologies based on a common platform. Its compact construction design enables all the system's components to be installed on a single gantry. 

Vehicles are automatically detected, identified and classified regardless of speed and traffic volume. Based on this information, the system supports all common toll collection systems, for example satellite-based via GPS, via communication with on-board units in vehicles via DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication), video tolling with automatic number plate recognition, and anonymously by classifying the road user. With its simplified interfaces, the solution can also be integrated into existing back office structures.

Proven Worldwide

The flexibility and performance levels of VITRONIC's technology have been successfully proven in many toll applications around the world. Companies such as Germany's TollCollect, Australian road operator Queensland Motorways and France's Ecomouv` have chosen VITRONIC for their toll systems.

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TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW enables automatic toll calculations and toll controls across any number of lanes in either direction from a single gantry.


To meet the requirements of tolling roads with fewer lanes VITRONIC has developed an alternative to conventional gantry infrastructure: TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE


TOLLCHECKER AUDIT delivers authoritative figures to verify existing toll systems and evaluate planned projects.



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Toll collection, toll enforcement and vehicle identification in free-flowing traffic