Independent Toll System Auditing

Toll operators and public agencies need to know how well their toll collection system is actually working. How many vehicles per day are using a section of road? How many of them are being captured by the toll system? And what is the percentage of incomplete toll transactions?

With TOLLCHECKER AUDIT VITRONIC provides a flexible solution for answering such questions and independently auditing the performance of an existing toll system. TOLLCHECKER AUDIT provides the key performance indicators to this end: capture rates, the number of correct classifications or the percentage of incorrect entries made by a toll system are measured and can be compared with values that have been contractually agreed or forecast.

In this way, toll operators can obtain reliable information on the accuracy and efficiency of their system. Operator contracts can be audited to verify compliance, and payment can be adjusted where appropriate.

Independent performance measurement for existing toll systems with TOLLCHECKER AUDIT
Independent performance measurement for existing toll systems with TOLLCHECKER AUDIT

At a Glance

  • Independent performance measurement for existing toll systems
  • No interruption of ongoing toll operations
  • Stationary or mobile deployment
  • Evaluation of planned toll projects

Performance Measurement during Tolling

TOLLCHECKER AUDIT has been specifically designed to audit active toll systems. It consists of easily manageable system components to be deployed as either stationary or mobile. The flexible design allows it to be set up and dismantled quickly. This means that individual stretches of road in a toll road network can be audited consecutively using the same components. Alternatively, TOLLCHECKER AUDIT can also be deployed in mobile mode, for example from a trailer. In neither case does the auditing procedure hinder traffic or tolling.

Evaluation of Planned Toll Projects

TOLLCHECKER AUDIT can also be used to evaluate toll systems that have not yet been installed. With minimal investment, the mobile TOLLCHECKER AUDIT systems provide authoritative data on traffic volumes and vehicle classes on stretches of road. Operators can use this data to efficiently plan the infrastructure they will build and present investors with empirical data about anticipated revenues.

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  • Flexible deployment
  • Quick installation and commissioning
  • Configurable for any toll scheme
  • Simple system integration
  • Broad range of system management and analysis software



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