The single Gantry Toll System: TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW

VITRONIC's TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW is a toll system for free-flowing traffic with minimal infrastructure requirements. With its innovative system architecture and compact design, TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW enables automatic toll calculations and toll enforcement across any number of lanes in either direction from a single gantry. No in-road equipment is required. The system has a modular design based on standardized sub-systems and is simple to configure. Not only does this speed up the commissioning process but it optimizes operating costs, for example by simplified maintenance work.


  • Every lane from a single gantry
  • Modular system design: simplified commissioning and maintenance
  • No in-road equipment required
  • Automatic front and rear number plate recognition for foreign plates
  • Automatic 3D vehicle classification
  • Wide range of software for system monitoring and management
All from one gantry: TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW
All from one gantry: TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW

Detection & Identification

TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW is built to requirements from the main modules in VITRONIC's latest vehicle identification platform: detection, identification, classification and communication. The LIDAR detection technology enables all vehicles to be reliably detected, even with large traffic volumes and difficult traffic situations such as changing lanes and jams. Combined with high-performance automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW delivers extremely high identification rates. The system reads foreign license plates and allows cameras to be set up flexibly for front and rear number plates.

Classification & Communication

With TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW, vehicles are classified using non-invasive 3D measurement technology. Precise 3D models are automatically classified according to the vehicle's length, width and height and also include other toll-related features such as trailers and the number of axles, without getting "confused" by add-ons such as roof boxes or bicycle mounts. Combined with the identification system, the 3D classification system provides class-specific tolling and verification of the correct toll amount. 

TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW also supports all the common technology standards for communicating with on-board units (OBU) in vehicles, such as DSRC (microwave, infrared) and RFID.

Full Control in the Back Office

The TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW software modules offer toll operators a wide range of functions for system management, component monitoring and transmitting vehicle data to the charging system. The TOLLCHECKER FREEFLOW software is rounded off by extensive statistics on traffic volume broken down by vehicle class and road section, travel times, average speeds and access controls in individual traffic areas.

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Toll collection, toll enforcement and vehicle identification in free-flowing traffic