The “Gantryless” Tolling System: TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE

TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE is an innovative alternative to gantries for tolling roads with fewer lanes. The patented system is installed on the side of the road and contains all components and sensors in a compact, attractive and easy-maintenance housing.


  • High-resolution optical classification during day and night with consistent illumination
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), front and rear
  • V2I communication (e.g. RFID, DSRC)
  • Easy installation, maintenance-friendly thanks to compact, modular design
  • Supports all electronic toll schemes
TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE uses an optical identification and classification method, which is installed on the side of the road.
TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE uses an optical identification and classification method, which is installed on the side of the road.

Lateral toll enforcement - a clever solution

TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE offers all the functionalities of a modern free-flow toll system. The vehicle is identified via high-performance automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Depending on requirements, the system can also be equipped with a vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) component via RFID or EETS-compatible DSRC.

TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE uses state-of-the-art machine vision technology.
High-resolution images allow the vehicle dimensions (length, width and height), number of axles and presence of trailers or superstructures to be determined. It is also possible to read vehicle markings such as hazardous goods labels or other lettering.

All sensor data is automatically analyzed on site and summarized to form a complete data set for each vehicle drive-through, which can then be compared with existing databases or processed for billing. That means TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE is able to support all current electronic toll schemes.

Compact and maintenance-friendly housing

For easier installation and maintenance, the new system is integrated in the CITY DESIGN HOUSING from VITRONIC. In comparison to more complex gantry constructions, the preconfigured system can be set up with minimum excavation. Further highlights are the wireless 4G connection along with video monitoring and an electronic two-way locking system.

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