Mission Statement

Mission Statement

VITRONIC strives to be a Company that is:

Customer oriented:

Thinking and acting are aligned to contribute to our customer’s success, using the most modern image processing systems and associated services. We listen to our customers, understand their requirements and ensure that these are converted into optimal system solutions and products. Our relationships with customers and suppliers are considered a partnership.


Through innovative ideas we give our customers technological and operational advantages. We strengthen our competitive advantages and open new markets using new products, processes, production innovation and organizational structures. Creativity paired with a strong business focus leads to leadership in technology.

Sustainably pursues Goals:

Ongoing, healthy and controlled growth is secured by focussed actions combined with cost consciousness and profit orientation. Efficiency and responsibility guides us when managing the resources entrusted to us. Work continuity and the pursuit of strategic goals secure the continued existence and independence of our company. For our customers we are therefore a reliable, ongoing partner.

Employee oriented:

Qualification, motivation and the continuous support for these are the basis for exceptional performance. Fair and trusting relationships are the basis for continual growth of knowledge and competence - which also requires long term employee retention. Active participation in decision making promotes a common bond. It strengthens the identification with the company and helps keep the common goal in view, transcending hierarchical and operational boundaries. Taking our social responsibility seriously means that our company’s strengths are also used to provide long term job security.

Quality driven:

The quality of our products and services is the most important precondition for our customer’s satisfaction. Each employee takes responsibility for the quality of his work and is actively involved in ongoing process improvement. Conformity with relevant standards for quality and environmental management as well as for IT security is a matter of course for us.

Empowers Employees:

The scope of freedom provided in the working environment is used by each employee to make decisions on their own authority and take responsibility for these decisions. A willingness to make decisions is desirable and supported. Excessive steps to cover one’s actions are dispensed with. If someone is in a position to solve a problem directly, then they are to act independently, where an event took place. This is supported by the readiness of each individual to take on new and different work or tasks to those originally planned. Actions outside the regulated scope are taken with particular diligence.

Promotes Teamwork:

Integration, co-operation and networking create a common team spirit and a good work climate. Differences of opinion and conflicts of interest are openly discussed between those directly involved in the conflict. These disputes are always conducted so they focus on a solution, even if the positions are very diverse in the interim. The negotiated decisions are always supported by all people involved. Efficient group and team structures in constant changes, particularly in the context of projects, require open and honest communication and are a basis of our common success.

Respects confidentiality:

With our innovative products we enable our customers to improve their competitive position. During this process our customers often provide confidential information to us. Unless we are certain that it is in the public domain, we will treat all information internally and externally as absolutely confidential.

Provides equal opportunities:

We are a performance-driven and cosmopolitan company that counts on the achievements and social skills of our employees – regardless of their origin, religious affiliation, gender, disability or other characteristics.

Tolerance and diversity:

We are a global and cosmopolitan company. Racism and prejudice have no place here. Every day, people from over 30 different nations successfully work together worldwide at VITRONIC. Tolerance is a fundamental principle for us. We expect all of our employees to communicate with each other respectfully, openly, with trust and fairness. Everyone is called upon to counter intolerance, exclusion and generalisations. We are open to diversity and disapprove intolerance.

Establishes compliance:

Corporate responsibility and prevention form the fundamental basis for our compliance guidelines. In combination with the commitment of our employees and appropriate monitoring mechanism a consistent culture of trust for a lawful and responsible conduct is created. Risks, corruption and conflicting interests are thus to be avoided at the same time.

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