Access to the captured data and operating parameters of your system – intuitive and in real time

VIPAC VISION software is a new, user-friendly solution that is tailored to customer requirements in the areas of logistics and express and parcel (CEP) delivery. The design of the interface makes it easy and intuitive to use. Important parameters for the operation of the reading system are presented in a clear manner. What’s more, as a central hub, our software solution bundles all the important system process parameters and provides detailed real-time analyses of metrics such as package throughput.

The design of the interface makes it easy and intuitive to use
The design of the interface makes it easy and intuitive to use

During commissioning, the systems can be flexibly configured using VIPAC VISION. Individual system parameters can be set quickly and easily to meet the requirements of the user in an optimal way.

The software makes it possible to precisely analyze potential errors due to non-readable codes and determine the associated causes. The VIPAC system cameras capture image files from all sides of the package so that destroyed codes and codes that have been printed in a blurry way as well as labels that are covered by strapping are documented.

These so-called “no-reads” can be viewed in the results list by simply double-clicking on them. In “quick result view”, the images can be rotated or magnified which makes the error analysis much easier.

Structured statistics regarding seamless process monitoring

The VIPAC ARCHIVE module extends the storage volume so that it is possible to document the reading results over a much longer period.

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