Web-based monitoring optimizes processes and provides records for customers

How can mail and parcel services efficiently show what parcels looked like at sorting, analyze no-reads and run data queries from VIPAC machine vision systems?

Web-based monitoring - VIPAC analysis and diagnostics software
Web-based monitoring - VIPAC analysis and diagnostics software

VITRONIC's web-based monitoring offers a wide range of functions. Whether you have a single system or an entire hub with multiple systems, the web-based monitoring tool can easily be used to query any VIPAC system in detail.

Your modules and functions:

Image archiving:  In contrast to scanners, the camera-based identification system provides VIPAC images and, thus, the capability to analyze the reasons behind cases where objects fail to be identified ("no-reads). You can check, for example, whether codes or labels are outside the specification, or if straps are disrupting the read process. Entire processes, print runs or labels can then be improved. You can also use VITRONIC's archiving system to view and print images of parcels: as a record for your customers.

Status module: displays systems' operational statuses, logs events and displays software versions

Statistics module: displays statistics from any VIPAC system, for example throughput

Configuration module: enables system parameters to be set, e.g. lower threshold values for OCR/barcode read rates and maximum rates for internal video coding errors.

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  • access via network using any computer and web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer) on a single VIPAC system; an entire hub; many locations worldwide and status information available at all times
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • password-protected access rights
  • 4 modules with one user interface

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