Auto-ID Systems for Courier, Express and Parcel Companies: Read Barcodes and 2D Codes Accurately and Efficiently

CEP (courier, express and parcel) companies' customers expect increasingly shorter delivery times. Meanwhile, items need to be delivered on time, and companies need to be able to track their shipments at any time. On the other hand, mail and parcel companies aim to achieve the best possible throughput rates. To fulfill both sets of requirements, incoming deliveries need to be identified and sorted largely automatically.

The VIPAC camera-based auto-ID system identifies all standard barcodes and the 2D codes typically used in the sector. In contrast to conventional scanners, VITRONIC's auto-ID system ensures that all standard codes are identified accurately and reliably – even under extreme conditions.

VITRONIC auto-id systems capture all relevant codes.

The Benefits to you:

  • automated distribution and sorting in distribution centers
  • reads all standard barcodes (2/5 interleaved, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN/UPC with add-on, Codabar, Postnet, Planet, 3/5, Four State) and all standard 2D codes (Data Matrix ECC200, PDF 417, Maxicode) reliably and automatically
  • the VIPAC auto-ID system accurately and reliably identifies codes, even at conveyor speeds of up to 4.5 m/s
  • by using the highest possible line frequency of up to 30,000 Hz, even barcodes as small as 2mm can be identified
  • top read rates thanks to high resolution and high image quality
  • identifies partially damaged or obscured codes
  • identifies codes with poor print quality
  • reads codes behind foil
  • online oder offline video coding possible
  • offers multicode reading
  • the auto ID system reads all sides of the object, regardless of how the parcel is positioned
  • read results are documented and archived
  • meaningful statistics and logs possible using web-based monitoring

Compared with barcode scanners, VITRONIC's camera-based auto-ID system generates images that are archived for the purposes of documentation, as a record for clients and suppliers, and inbound and outbound goods inspections. Archived data can also be used to analyze the identification process.

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VIPAC Reading

Flexible auto-ID with the VIPAC R range of systems: From 1- to 6-sided code reading and character recognition (OCR) through to web-based monitoring


  • global network and service support
  • 30 years' experience in industrial machine vision systems
  • VITRONIC offers turnkey systems, custom solutions and standard products
  • hardware and software from a single source
  • if your requirements increase in the future, the modular design of VITRONIC's solutions will enable you to upgrade systems quickly and easily
  • we have handled major international projects
  • renowned clients, such as DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Chronopost, Swedish Post, Danish Post, Coliposte Frankreich, Interlink Express Ireland, Korean Post, Correos Spain, Estonian Post, Canpar Toronto, Australian Post


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