VIPAC DWS complete solution

Full identification of shipments with VIPAC DWS systems

For courier, express, and parcel services, speed and reliability are essential to ensuring customer satisfaction. Increasing digitization, the boom in online retail and the associated volumes of shipments and data are leading to increasingly complex logistics requirements.

In light of this, VITRONIC offers its Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning (DWS) systems, an end-to-end solution for capturing and processing shipment data. These systems are perfectly tailored to individual parcel sizes and processes or handling methods, be it large letters, packages or pallets.

Three in one—capture volume, weight and codes in one run

Certified VITRONIC DWS systems automatically identify barcodes and 2D codes on up to five package sides with maximum read rates, while simultaneously determining the volume and weight with exceptional precision. The volume measuring system determines the length, width and height of all shipments and uses this information to automatically calculate the volumes. Thanks to the high measuring accuracy, it is even possible to reliably determine the volume of very small and flat objects. High-performance scales are installed inline to weigh the shipments quickly and precisely.

VIPAC DWS as a compact system

DWS system for large letters and small packages
DWS system for large letters and small packages

VITRONIC offers a compact DWS solution to speed up manual processing of small shipments and documents. This stand-alone camera system can be mounted over manual workstations in hubs and depots and replaces the existing multi-level processes. This solution enables faster manual sorting and more efficient throughput rates for comparatively lower investment costs. At the same time, continuous and transparent tracking of shipment data is ensured.

VIPAC DWS tunnel system

Fully automatic DWS systems integrated into the conveyor system enable highly efficient material flow processes and play an important role in optimizing throughput times and process quality. The packages on the conveyor belt move through the DWS tunnel, where their volume is measured by the system. An integrated scales determines the weight. In parallel to this process, the line scan cameras produce high-resolution gray value images of the package surfaces and read the barcodes, 2D codes and characters (OCR) printed on them.

The system reads different code types in one run and also captures very small and damaged codes as well as codes under foil. The information is evaluated and made available for other applications. Maximum read rates are achieved fully automatically and at transport speeds of up to 4.5 m/s. Any deformations or areas of unevenness are also detected and registered. These are recorded in an image and act as evidence in the event of complaints or insurance claims.

Even as the parcels are moving through the DWS station, the data is forwarded to the conveyor system control unit, connected inventory control systems and the warehouse management software or higher-level ERP and SAP solutions.

DWS tunnel systems enable higher throughput rates
DWS tunnel systems enable higher throughput rates

VIPAC DWS for pallets

DWS solutions from VITRONIC can also be used to determine data from loaded pallets that are to be transported via forklift. To this end, the shipments either move through the DWS area on conveyor belts or the data is captured when stationary. The 3D systems installed on the framework structure determine the data for pallet loads, including weight and dimensions. In addition, a 3D image of the freight unit is generated and archived to ensure the traceability of the data capture process.

DWS system for non-conveyable goods
DWS system for non-conveyable goods

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  • Maximum reliability and minimized risk of errors thanks to the automated capture of volume, weight and codes in a single work step
  • Higher throughput and increased productivity
  • No losses due to inaccurate invoices
  • Optimized cargo space usage and utilization of transport vehicles
  • Simplified storage processes thanks to the rapid determination of a suitable set-down location
  • Faster ROI and greater profitability thanks to increased productivity, optimized capacity utilization and accurate invoicing
  • Transparent, reliable data for more efficiently managing logistics goods flows


  • weltweites Netzwerk und Serviceangebot
  • über 30 Jahre Erfahrung in der industriellen Bildverarbeitung
  • VITRONIC bietet Komplettsysteme, individuelle Einzellösungen sowie Standardprodukte- Module an
  • Hardware- und Software aus einer Hand
  • steigen Ihre Ansprüche, können Sie Systeme dank des modularen Designs der VITRONIC-Lösungen einfach und schnell erweitern
  • Abwicklung selbst internationaler Großprojekte
  • namhafte Kunden wie DHL, UPS, Hermes, USPS, Dänische Post, Coliposte Frankreich, Interlink Express Ireland, Correos, Estonian Post, Canpar Toronto, Chronopost International,  etc.


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