Quality and Environmental Objectives

We consider the overall quality and environmental objectives during process management and throughout our production and service activities. These objectives are established by Corporate Management for all departments and groups in the context of Strategic Planning, and they are regularly evaluated during internal audits and management reviews.

Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives are based on our Quality Policy, customer requirements, the market situation and the company's internal targets.

The Aims of our Quality Policy are to:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • further develop systems and products
  • enhance product and service quality
  • continual improvement
  • increase personnel satisfaction
  • growing company value
  • Simplify process flows

Environmental Objectives

Our environmental objectives are based on our environmental policy, legal and other requirements, internal targets and the requirements of our customers. Their aim is to avoid or minimize negative impacts on the environment. In particular, the achievement of sustainability is to be set as a strategic goal. We have to communicate clearly to our customers and suppliers that VITRONIC is a reliable and competent partner on issues related to sustainability and to resource-saving development, production and recycling of our products.

The Aims of our environmental Policy are:

  • Sustainable use of naturalresources and consideration of environmental compatibility over the whole life cycle of a product
  • Sustainable use of natural resources, i.e. saving energy and materials in the office and during manufacturing processes
  • Selection of received products, considering their environmental impact and otheraspects of sustainability
  • Awareness of the principles of avoidance, reprocessing, reuse, recycling and appropriate disposal.

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